The Board-Team

—— We are a group of board sports users and we have a passion for riding.

The long and short of it is that some of us have been riding boards like skateboards for over 30 years. With all the new advances and cool new devices like hoverboards and Onewheel boards, we just can’t stop.

This website covers all the cool things we have learned over the many years of board sports and we are sharing that experience and our expertise with our readers. But there is more.

We have found that many websites are written poorly and do not provide good information. That is why we have great contributors and we allow questions from our readers to help us understand both what we missed and what you, the readers still need to know.

Our Mission

To simply provide better information to our readers on the latest and greatest board sports.

Check in with us the next time you need info on your favorite board sport.

The Best There Is

Work With Us

If you have experience in board sports and can offer our readers value, contact us and let’s chat.

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