Are OneWheel Boards Waterproof?

Are OneWheel Boards Waterproof? There is a new type of transportation on the rise, and it is called the OneWheel board. This unique device allows you to easily ride around town without having to worry about traffic jams or finding a parking spot.

Used for more than just a way to get around, adventurous riders love to take their boards off-road and explore nature. Some OneWheel riders swear by using their boards on the beach or in the snow, but are OneWheel boards waterproof?

Unfortunately, no they are not. Future Motion, the creators of the OneWheel, have advised that their products are not waterproof. This might be worrying to you if you usually ride in the rain, but while they are not waterproof, they are water-resistant to some degree.

What Does Water-Resistant Mean?

Water-resistant and waterproof are not the same, very different in fact. Water-resistance means that the device can withstand some water exposure but not complete submersion.

This means that if you were to ride your OneWheel through light rain, it should be fine. However, riding it through a puddle or body of water is not recommended as it could damage the board.

Why Is The OneWheel Not Waterproof?

Waterproofing any electronic device is difficult, let alone a device with as many moving parts as a OneWheel. There are many little entry points for water, such as the charging port or power switch.

If your board does get excessively wet then you should turn it off right away. When water enters an electrical device, it can cause the electric currents to be sent to the wrong area, causing your OneWheel to short circuit.

It isn’t just the danger of short-circuiting that makes it difficult for Future Motion to make their boards waterproof, but also the fact that impurities in the water can cause lasting damage. 

Even if nothing immediately happens to the workings of your board, corrosion to the metal and other signs of water damage can occur over time from repeat moisture exposure. This will ultimately cause you many issues, including your OneWheel finally failing.

A OneWheel board is not designed to be ridden in overly wet conditions, so while you may have seen fellow riders online doing it, it just isn’t worth the risk. These riders may not have thought to ask ‘are OneWheel boards waterproof?’ Light rainfall should be fine, but even then you’re probably best leaving your board at home if possible.

Does The OneWheel Warranty Cover Water Damage?

The warranty provided when you purchase your OneWheel covers a few eventualities, but unfortunately not water damage. As we have established, the OneWheel is not designed to get wet, and therefore any issues caused by exposure to water are not deemed as a manufacturing fault.

This doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck if your board gets damaged by water. Future Motion is known to be helpful when it comes to repairing boards. The downside is repairs can be costly and up to you to pay for, so best to keep this in mind.

Can You Make A OneWheel Board Waterproof?

There are countless videos, how-tos, and online forums advising how you can make your OneWheel board waterproof. Some stores even sell DIY waterproofing kits, but just know there have been reports from some users who have actually broken their boards while trying to make them waterproof.

Some of these methods require you to take your board apart, make modifications or apply additions to your board. OneWheels are an advanced piece of tech, hand-assembled by trained professionals, so we wouldn’t advise you to take yours apart at home.

Aside from potentially damaging your board, any sort of modification that isn’t provided by Future Motion can affect the overall performance of your OneWheel. Also, taking apart your board and changing it is another surefire way to void your warranty.

One thing you can do, aside from keeping your OneWheel well away from water, is purchase plugs that cover the board’s charging port. This can help stop water from entering your board if you get caught in a downpour, giving you a little peace of mind.

Final Thoughts: Are OneWheel Boards Waterproof?

As we have learned, OneWheel boards are most definitely not waterproof. There is a small level of water resistance, but you’re best to keep your OneWheel well away from water to avoid any potential damage.

So, you now know the answer to ‘are OneWheel boards’ waterproof. Have you ever had to deal with water damage on your board? Do you often ride your OneWheel in wet conditions, or do you prefer to play it safe? Let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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