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As any experienced Onewheel rider knows, eventually, your board is going to take a beating. Whether you hit an unexpected rock or curb, or you’re just riding through some tough terrain, your board is likely to get scratched and dinged up.

While this is just part of the ride, it’s important to take steps to protect your investment. One way to give your Onewheel an added layer of protection is to purchase a good set of Onewheel rail guards. Simple to use and pretty inexpensive, rail guards are a no-brainer for any avid Onewheeler.

So, if you’re in the market for a set of Onewheel rail guards, read on. We’ll introduce you to some of the best Onewheel rail guards on the market and help you choose the right set for your needs. But first, what exactly are Onewheel rail guards?

What Are Onewheel Rail Guards?

Onewheel rail guards are essentially big, heavy-duty stickers that you affix to the rails of your board to provide an extra layer of protection. Usually made from long-lasting thick plastic, rail guards are the most popular Onewheel accessory with easy installation.

All you need to do is thoroughly clean down the rails of your Onewheel, ideally with rubbing alcohol, paying good attention to the motor hub bolts. Then, all you need to do is stick on your new Onewheel rail guards, ensuring they line up correctly with your board, and you’re good to go!

Why Do Riders Use Onewheel Rail Guards?

rail guards on onewheel driving on the street

Protection: Once you have added a good set of rail guards to your board, you’ll truly understand the hype. Onewheel rail guards are a super simple yet effective way to keep the sides of your board free of any bumps, scratches, and scrapes. After all, these damages are inevitable when out on your wildest adventures, especially if you’re a trail rider who rides hard or off-road.

Aside from protecting your Onewheel on the surface level, their heavy-duty construction can also add another barrier to protect the vital inner workings of your board, like the battery and motor.

Aesthetics: Another popular reason riders love Onewheel rail guards is that they are an awesome way to customize your board. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can find a set of rail guards to perfectly match your personal style. With the promise of added protection and a super cool way to change the look of your Onewheel board, Onewheel rail guards are one of the most essential Onewheel upgrades for most riders!

What Are The Best Onewheel Rail Guards?

No doubt you are now ready to become a proud owner of some Onewheel rail guards. But with the vast range of different brands and options on the market, it can be hard to decide which set is suitable for you.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the best Onewheel rail guards on the market:

OG Float Sidekicks by The Float Life

Price: $14.99 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, GT, Pint and Pint X Purchase from: The Float Life

Sidekicks rail guards from Floatlife

By far one of the best options available for Onewheel rail guards, the OG Float Sidekicks give everything you could need in rail protection. Offering a super clean look and easy to remove when you’re ready to swap out for another color, the OG Float Sidekicks are made from hard-wearing polycarbonate.

These Onewheel rail guards are available in a host of different colors, but they often sell out of the more popular shades, so run, don’t walk! If anything tells you how popular these rail guards are, it is this.

Rail Guards by Eight2Ten

Price: From $18 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, Pint and Pint X Purchase from: Eight2Ten

Offering a massive range of colors and made from military-grade plastic, Eight2Ten claims to be the first to bring rail protection to the market back in 2017. These Onewheel rail guards are cut to order in-house and are replaceable as you attach them to your rails with 3m tape (you can add this to your order for an additional $5).

If the extensive color choices weren’t enough, Eight2Ten also offers more patterned Onewheel rail guards than you would believe. But, if you don’t see anything that truly fits your style, Eight2Ten will happily take a custom order for your own one-of-a-kind Onewheel rail guards for that personal touch.

Rail Guards For Onewheel by Craft&Ride

Price: From $39.99 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, GT, Pint and Pint X Purchase from: Craft&Ride

If you love the idea of changing up your board’s look, you’ll have no problem mixing and matching the huge range of designs Craft&Ride provides. Compatible with all current Onewheel models, the Rail guards for Onewheel by Craft&Ride are for those who want to make a statement without saying a word.

Made from durable polycarbonate and offers a peel-and-stick attachment, using a strong adhesive that won’t leave any residue behind. Craft&Ride always keeps Onewheel riders in mind when designing their products. Their website now offers the Custom Craft&Ride Rail guards Builder, where you create and design your very own Onewheel rail guards.

Reflective Float Sidekicks HD by The Float Life

Price: $35 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, GT, Pint, and Pint X Purchase from: The Float Life

Another offering by The Float Life, we just had to mention these rad Onewheel rail guards. The Reflective Float Sidekicks HD (heavy duty) does exactly what it says; they offer excellent heavy-duty protection while being ultra-reflective at night.

If this puts you off a little, don’t worry. These Onewheel rail guards are super low-key regarding reflectiveness during the day; it’s at night that they come to life. Having rail guards which are also reflective is an excellent way add safety gear when you’re out at night. Also available in a glorious range of colors and patterns, this isn’t one to be overlooked.

Onewheel Rail Guards by Future Motion

Price: $25 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, GT, Pint, and Pint X Purchase from: Onewheel or an Approved retailer

When looking to purchase any accessory for your Onewheel, chances are your first thought is to go straight to the source. Onewheel does offer some pretty decent Onewheel rail guards, which are made from durable plastic and available in a huge color range.

Not quite the most expensive, but certainly not the cheapest on this list, the Onewheel rail guards by Future Motion are a brilliant option for most casual commuters and easy riders. If you tend to go hard on your Onewheel and stray off the beaten path, it might be in your best interests to look into some more hardwearing Onewheel rail guards.

Final Thoughts on the Best Onewheel Rail Guards

It’s clear to see that there are some awesome choices available when it comes to rail guards. When choosing which is the best rail guard for you, it really depends on what price point you’re happy with, if you’re going for a certain look and how you ride your Onewheel.

If you’re stuck, just know any of the Onewheel rail guards mentioned in this article are a great option that will give an added level of protection to your board. They may not seem like much, but durable rail guards could be a great way to end up saving your Onewheel from some pretty serious damage. Have you ever used rail guards? Do you think they are worth purchasing? Let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

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