Can You Ride A Onewheel On The Street?

Riding a onewheel on its own is fun and what makes it even more fun is discovering all the amazing terrains where you can ride it. However, riders ask can you ride a Onewheel on the street because of the possible legal issues and the safety reasons. So this is what we found out about riding a Onewheel on the streets.

Onewheels are designed to ride on all types of terrain and the flat surface of the streets are perfect for riding a Onewheel. So, yes, you can ride a Onewheel on the street, however, in some areas, there are laws prohibiting devices like a Onewheel from being used. There are also safety issues when riding a Onewheel on the street such as being hit by a car.

We looked into these issues to find out more.

Laws About Riding A Onewheel On The Street

Onewheels are a relatively new device and not popular enough to have laws or regulations for them yet. However, in some areas, they may fall under the same category as skateboards which have been around for over 40 years, or they may also be classified under electric vehicles such as scooters.

Most riders I know use Onewheels on side streets and sidewalks without ever knowing the rules, and some don’t care to know. The chances of you getting a ticket for riding on a sidestreet is unlikely in most areas, however, some riders want to know if you can ride a onewheel on the street legally or not. Unfortunately, there are so many state, municipal, and town bylaws, as well as grey areas that it would be impossible to list them all.

For this reason, we recommend either contacting your local bi-law office or checking online for your area’s bi-laws.

Riding A Onewheel On The Street

Regardless if can you ride a Onewheel on the street or not, these are the pros and cons.


  • Smooth Ride: Riding on a street will give you a smooth riding experience. The street has just the right level of friction to make your Onewheel riding experience easy and safe and this is a good area to get to maximum speeds. If you are looking to have an undisturbed ride with little to no obstacles, then the street is perfect for this.
  • No Pedestrians: At certain times of the day, the street might have fewer people on it as well which makes trick riding and commuting better.
  • Space To Ride: The street will also give new riders enough space to practice and advanced riders to work on tricks with their Onewheel. You can perfect your stunts, try higher speeds, and learn new skills while testing the speed limit of your board.
  • Commuting: Commuting is best done using the streets


  • Streets to Highways: Most streets are connected to major roads or highways which could be illegal and dangerous for you to ride on. Therefore plan your route in advance even if it makes your trip further.
  • Potential Danger From Cars: Traffic can be a problem and can cause a serious or fatal accident. Cars driving close to you, turning without seeing you, and even parked cars opening doors can all be safety issues for you.
  • Potholes and wet roads: Watch for hazards such as potholes and plan ahead so you do not get caught in the pouring rain. It’s best to keep your Onewheel as dry as possible at all times.

Can You Ride A Onewheel On The Street Conclusion

If you are going to ride a onewheel on a street, you should ensure that the street is not busy and that you keep an eye on your surroundings and what other vehicles are doing. It is also a good idea to check your local bi-law office to determine the rules of the street.

If you have a question, suggestion, or some advice on the topic of can you ride a Onewheel on the street, let me or the readers know in the comments section below.

Ride Well, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team,

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