How Much Is A Onewheel?

The cost of a Onewheel is an essential factor to consider when looking to purchase a Onewheel. Since Onewheel boards come in different models with different specifications and features, they also have different prices. Answering the question ‘how much is a Onewheel? will enable you to plan appropriately according to your budget.

The Cheapest Onewheel 

Due to the complex construction of the motor and balancing system of a onewheel, it can be pretty expensive. Even cheaper Onewheel boards can have the same price range as higher-end hoverboards and electric scooters. If you have ridden a onewheel before, you would understand the reason for this higher price. 

One of the cheapest kinds of onewheel boards is the Trotter, which costs about $500. The Trotter Magwheel is a onewheel knockoff and is a less popular Chinese brand that is about 29 inches long and has a distance range of about 13mph and a speed of 21km/h.

The speed and distance are pretty good compared to higher-end models, therefore the Trotter could be good for you if you are seeking a cheaper option. 

However, you should know that the Trotter onewheel has several drawbacks, including the absence of a gyroscope, and it lacks some of the safety features that can prevent accidents. Also, there is neither an app nor a customer service to reach. 

The Trotter 

Onewheel models and Their costs

Future Motion designed the first Onewheel boards, and a OneWheel from Future motion can cost anywhere from $950 – $1800.

  • Onewheel GT – $2200.00
  • Onewheel +XR (old model)
  • Onewheel Pint X – $1400.00
  • Onewheel Pint – $1050.00

Onewheel +XR

The Onewheel XR was released in 2018 and was a hit with onewheel enthusiasts. The Onewheel XR’s board construction is so solid that it’s often referred to as “built like a tank”. The Onewheel +XR normally costs $1800, and its durability, safety features, and performance match this price. The XR model has a battery capacity of 324Wh and a maximum speed of 19mph. 

Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint was released by Future Motion after the +XR model. A Onewheel Pint typically costs about $950 and is like the smaller version of the +XR. A Onewheel Pint has a battery capacity of 148Wh and a speed range of 16mph. 

Onewheel Plus

The Onewheel Plus is an older model. The Onewheel Plus is just like the Onewheel +XR, but it has a lesser battery capacity. 

New OneWheel + models are no longer available as this model is now discontinued. However, there is a chance you might come across a used model at a lesser price. 

The Onewheel Plus costs anywhere between $800 and $1000 when purchased second-hand. 

The Onewheel plus is a great board and loved by many riders, so many people jump at the opportunity for a used Onewheel + in good shape. 

Riders can then make some changes and upgrades to the board with the money they save. Changes like adding a battery extension, a new tire, and new bearings can make it almost as good as new. 

The Onewheel company Future Motion is unarguably leading the Onewheel market. However, there are a few other manufacturers like Viro, Surfwheel, Unicool Dan, and SkootRider, who also manufacture boards with single wheels.

Surfwheel SU

Surfwheel is one of the most popular brands in the Onewheel industry due to its economical price. 

The Surfwheel SU sells for about $399, making it a cheaper option for those with a lower budget. 

The most notable difference between the Surfwheel and the original Onewheel design is the smaller wheel size of the Surfwheel boards. 

The Surfwheel SU has a speed range of 12mph and a decent battery life.

The Viro Freestyle.

The Viro Freestyle is made like a Onewheel, but the Viro uses hoverboard technology. 

It has two wheels in the center of the board that work in unison, in contrast to the single wheel at the center of a onewheel board. 

The Viro Freestyle has a speed of around 7mph and less torque which can be an advantage and be more suitable for kids and new riders. 

The Viro Freestyle is sold for about $329.00 

Where to find cheap OneWheels

Both new and used Onewheels can be found online on sites like eBay and Amazon. Presently, the most commonly used models are the old XR model, the New GT model, the newest Pint X, and the Pint, and these are the models that will be easier to buy.

Do Onewheels go on Sale?

It is rare to see a new Onewheel on sale. However, most manufacturers take advantage of Black Fridays to discount the price of Onewheels. During this season, it’s possible to get a Onewheel XR for about $160 to $180 dollars less than the regular price. At the same time, a Onewheel pint can be $75 less than the regular price.

Buying a Used Onewheel

Used Onewheels are usually more affordable for more riders. You can find used Onewheels in decent shape online from individual owners who either never use them or are upgrading to a new model.

Besides cost, another reason people prefer used Onewheels is the time that new orders take to get to you, especially if you are in another country where it has to be shipped to you. 

Ensure that you confirm the functionality of the machine before buying it. A used Onewheel +XR can go for $1200 – $1400 depending on its condition. While a Onewheel Pint can go for $600- $750, depending on its condition.

It is essential to find out the cost of a onewheel before buying it. How much did you buy your Onewheel for? Was it new or used? Let us know in the comments section.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

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