Is Riding A Onewheel Exercise?

Most Onewheel riders know that a Onewheel from Future Motion is generally fun to ride and an excellent commuter vehicle but is a onewheel exercise too? We looked into this to determine how much riding a Onewheel is actually exercise?

In order to ride a Onewheel you need to use certain muscles and these muscles will be contracting and releasing which means that a Onewheel is exercise. Aggressive riders on dirt trails will use a lot more muscles than someone casually riding down a paved street so the more aggressive you ride the more exercise a onewheel is.

Let’s find out more about Onewheel exercise and how many calories you could burn while riding

Onewheel Exercise

The benefits to riding a onewheel for exercise is that it’s fun and you won’t even realize that your heart rate is up and that you are actually getting onewheel exercise, but how much exercise are you actually getting?

Onewheel And Exercising. 

The process of bringing yourself to properly balance on a Onewheel is an exercise on its own. This balancing process actively involves your feet, ankles, calves, as well as your arms, back, and especially your core muscles. All these parts of your body get a workout when you ride a Onewheel, especially if you ride off-road and are on the trails.

New Riders

Amateur Onewheel riders find it difficult to maintain balance in the beginning but this balancing and falling off and getting back on is exercise. If you started off using hoverboards and skateboards, then switching to Onewheel electric skateboards might be a little less challenging. Either way, your entire body will certainly get worked out while trying to figure the riding process out. 

However, after a period of constant usage, you are inclined to get used to the Onewheel. When you get used to the onewheel, you will no longer feel as challenged and will ride the streets a little more relaxed using less energy since the Onewheel is a self-balancing board. This implies that the more you get used to riding a Onewheel, the lesser it feels like an exercise.

Foot Fatigue

Riding your Onewheel can cause your feet to get sore even though they aren’t moving on the board. Foot fatigue is a common occurrence from your muscles contracting while riding the Onewheel. To ease comfort when riding, you can consider buying aftermarket accessories like footpads for your front foot and back foot. You can also experiment with changing the tire pressure to see how that affects your rides. Another option is shoes that will grip better onto the board. Finding a foot fatigue cure will allow you to have longer rides and burn more calories.

Riding On Uneven Terrain

When you attempt to ride a Onewheel on uneven terrain, you will need to do more work both mentally and physically. Riding on uneven terrain will give you a tougher workout in contrast to riding on a smooth walkway because you will be bending and straightening your legs. You will also be turning more which requires balance and more muscles. All this adds up to more exertion which means more Onewheel exercise.

In fact, some riders riding fast on hard trails will end up sweating and breathing heavily which are tell-tale signs that you are getting some good onewheel exercise.

Does a Onewheel Burn Calories

Every activity burns calories but there are no actual statistics on how many calories you will burn when riding a Onewheel therefore it is tough to determine how much Onewheel exercise burns. But here are some things to consider if you want to get an idea of how many calories you could be burning.

Simply walking burns about 204 calories in 30 minutes, and riding a hoverboard which is similar is approximately 300 calories burned in 30 minutes. Skateboarding is claimed to burn 350 to 550 calories per hour.

The amount of calories you burn is dependent on the amount of energy and effort you put into riding the Onewheel and that effect depends on how and where you ride. 

The harder you fight to stay on the board on rough terrain, over bumps, and carving sand the more calories you will burn.  

There are three primary reasons some riders expend more energy than others while riding a Onewheel;  

  • Riding technique – trick riding, jumps, and lots of turns
  • Terrain – Off-road riding
  • Experience level of rider

Some techniques that can help you burn more calories on your Onewheel include;

  • Carving: Carving is a special turning effect that can be done by keeping your feet flat on the board and loosening your ankle. Carving requires more energy and will burn more calories.
  • Ride switching: Ride switching is a special trick where riders swiftly change their stance while riding. 
  • Curb Nudge: Curb Nudging is simply going over a curb while riding a onewheel without breaking the ride. 
  • Onewheel Revert: Reverting is a 180-degree spin trick.

All of these skill levels require more energy and will burn more calories while you ride. From personal experience, it is safe to say that riding a onewheel casually could burn about 100-250 calories per hour. 

Onewheels vs Hoverboards and skateboards As Exercise Devices

Onewheels are more difficult to ride than hoverboards and skateboards especially when off-road riding and therefore should burn more calories. While all these boards target your lower body muscles, Onewheels require more energy because a rider will need to focus on balance and riding simultaneously. While trying to maintain balance on a Onewheel, your knees, ankles, and hips are also involved.

Riding a Onewheel is a more tedious form of exercise than other boards.

Onewheel Excercise Q&A and Discussion

Riding a onewheel is an exhilarating experience that everyone should feel at least once in a lifetime and yes, it is exercise. It is not the most challenging workout like an exercise bike or a heavy cardio workout, but it is definitely a fun way to burn some calories.

Another thing you can do is download the Onewheel app. This will allow you to track your miles and Onewheel battery level. You will also be able to see your top speed. If you pair this with a tracker for biometric data, you can see how much of a workout you are getting along with your rides. You can use this data to challenge your good friends.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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