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The OneWheel may have a loyal and passionate fanbase, but despite its popularity, it isn’t the only choice on the market. There are other options out there for those who want to experience the thrill of riding a single-wheeled electric skateboard, but are hesitant to commit to the OneWheel.

A OneWheel is a top-end piece of tech and hand-assembled in the USA, making it an investment piece and a little too pricey for some. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy a OneWheel, you may be wondering if one of the OneWheel alternatives is a better option for you.

Avid OneWheel riders may say comparing the real deal to an off-brand alternative is like comparing a Lamborghini to a bicycle; they may both get you from A to B, but a OneWheel is in a class of its own. That being said, there are some good alternatives available, and it ultimately depends on your wants and needs.

MagWheel Trotter

Price: Various Max Load: 120kg Safety Certificate: Not Specified Water Resistant: Yes Purchase From: Official website, approved dealers, eBay and Alibaba.

The MagWheel Trotter is one of the most popular dupes of the OneWheel. There are four versions of the Trotter, and like the OneWheel, the price, speed, and range vary between models.

T-1 Basic: 13mph max speed and 11-15 mile range – $699

T-1LH (Long Haul): 13mph max speed and 25-27 mile range – $899

T-2: 16mph max speed and 21-25 mile range – $999

T-3: 21.5mph max speed and 19-21 mile range- $1299

The Trotter offers the choice of a standard or slick tire, and you can customize the colors for the footpads. With the ability to climb inclines of up to 30 degrees, especially when paired with a treaded tire, the Trotter could be a good choice for offroad action.

Manufactured in China, the Trotter offers a 12-month warranty, and also a few accessory options, much like the OneWheel. While there is no app included with the Trotter, it does make a beeping noise to signal changes in the board’s condition, which is definitely better than nothing.

Some riders have reported there is no gyroscope, which would make it very hard to balance, but the manufacturer’s website states differently. We must note, that there are some inconsistencies in the information given across the website, so we should take this information with a pinch of salt; which certainly impacts the overall credibility.

The Trotter is heavy, weighing 31lb-37lb depending on the model. There are also sensors in both the front and back of the Trotter, unlike a OneWheel, which makes it hard to dismount. The Trotter will not power down unless both feet are removed from the board at the same time, which can lead to dangerous dismount tactics.

The Trotter may be a good choice for commuting, once you have practiced getting on and off, but the price is so close to a OneWheel. With that in mind, it could be in your best interest to go for the real deal for a similar price.


Price: Various Max Load: 220kg Safety Certificate: UL2272 Water Resistant: Yes Purchase From: Official website, Amazon and eBay.

The Surfwheel is another well-known alternative to the Onewheel. There are three versions of the Surfwheel currently available, although there is little difference between them in terms of specifications.

SU: 12mph max speed and 10 mile range- $449

TR: 10mph max speed and 7 mile range- $329

HX: 12mph max speed and 10 mile range- $449

The above prices are as shown on the official Surfwheel website, but you can find cheaper deals on marketplaces such as eBay.

Featuring a treaded tire, the Surfwheel only weighs between 13-19lb, which may be more appealing to commuters and for use by children. There is also an integrated fender included as standard, which is an additional accessory (and expense) for a OneWheel.

The Surfwheel features LED lights which can be customized using the Surfwheel app. The integrated app offers some basic features, such as checking the battery level and toggling learner mode on or off.

There is no stated warranty on the website, but it can be returned for a refund if in the same condition within 30 days. 

Surfwheel states they do offer replacements if your board is faulty, which does seem to be a common issue among customers. Before buying you should check if your chosen retailer offers additional warranty information.

While the Surfwheel can withstand inclines of up to 20-25 degrees and features a treaded tire, we would not recommend this board for offroading. The wheel is much smaller meaning the board is positioned closer to the ground.

The Surfwheel is best suited to flat, even grounds such as sidewalks. When riding a Surfwheel you can easily lean too far forward/backward and the board could hit the ground, causing an accident.

Riding any one-wheeled board is a learning curve, but if you are used to riding a OneWheel, a Surfwheel is a whole new learning experience.

Overall, the Surfwheel is pretty basic and doesn’t offer much in the way of features, or speed. If you’re looking for a simple, yet fun, way to get around, or a board for your child, the Surfwheel could be a good option at a much lower price than a OneWheel.

Unicool D3/DanDan

Price: Around $400-$700 Max Load: 100kg Safety Certificate: CE Water Resistant: Yes Purchase From: Alibaba

Offering speeds of up to 18mph and a range of 12 miles, the Unicool D3 does seem to be a promising alternative to the Onewheel. The Unicool D3 features a built in fender, a large treaded tire, and lights to the front/rear. There is no app, but the board does beep when you get on/off and again when you begin to near the top speed.

The Unicool D3 is best suited for flat surfaces, due to being only able to withstand an incline of up to 12 degrees. The Unicool website also states there are many built-in safety elements, such as short circuit protection, temperature protection, and also overcharge protection.

As the Unicool D3 is only available on the Chinese wholesale site Alibaba, the price can vary between listings. You can expect to pay between $400 and $700, but this price will fluctuate depending on the demand and availability.

When you step on a OneWheel the board can take a few seconds to engage, whereas the motor for the Unicool D3 starts as soon as you step on. This may sound great, but can cause the board to judder and hinder your balance.

Some users of the Unicool D3 state that they haven’t been able to reach the specified top speeds, and that riding the board can be jerky and feel unsafe. Another important thing to note, if this board breaks then you may have to fix it yourself. There does not seem to be much after-sales support available.


Price: $1195 Max Load: 120kg Safety Certificate: UL Certified Battery Water Resistant: Yes Purchase From: Official website, Approved dealers, and Amazon.

You can’t deny that the Skootrider has an uncanny resemblance to a OneWheel. With a top speed of 16 miles an hour and a range of 15 miles, plus the promise that it can handle all terrains, it sounds like the real deal.

The Skootrider includes a one-year warranty, a treaded tire, and side tilt protection which will help ensure a more stable ride. On paper, this OneWheel knock-off seems to hit all the right points.

While the Skootrider could be perfect for you, we should note that for a lower price point you can purchase a OneWheel Pint X, and receive an official Future Motion product that offers the same speed capabilities.

There have been reports of Skootriders failing after only a few rides and although there is a warranty, it isn’t clear how helpful the aftercare support is. 

If you think a Skootrider is the one-wheeled skateboard for you, be sure to do your research to ensure your money isn’t wasted; especially with it being so expensive for what is a OneWheel alternative.

VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard

Price: Around $279 Max Load: 100kg Safety Certificate: UL2272 Water Resistant: Not Specified Purchase From: Amazon

On the outside, the Viro Rides Free-Style looks like a single-wheeled board but in reality, it is a standard hoverboard in disguise. With two rubber, airless wheels posed side by side, this board looks like a OneWheel, while featuring the tech of a hoverboard.

Offering only 7mph maximum speed and a 6.5 mile range, this board would be best suited for a child, which was exactly the manufacturer’s aim.

The company that produced the VIRO Rides Free-Style board, MGA Entertainment, also owns toy brands such as Little Tikes. It is safe to say the VIRO board is a toy, which explains the lower price and capabilities, and isn’t a worthy competitor for the OneWheel.

The VIRO does offer some handy features though, such as Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to play music as you ride and LED lights that show when the board is on. There is also a digital display panel that shows your speed and warning lights if there are any problems.

Unfortunately, the VIRO lacks the more advanced tech other OneWheel alternatives may offer. It has been known to not power on, and even turn off mid-ride causing accidents. This board seems very volatile and is certainly poor quality when compared to other options, plus there is only a 90-day warranty.

Sk8One Electric Skateboard

Price: Around £1100 Max Load: Not Specified Safety Certificate: Not Specified Water Resistant: Not Specified Purchase From: Sedobike

The Sk8One Electric Skateboard is certainly one of the slickest looking OneWheel alternatives available. But with the ability to go 12.5mph and a 7.5 mile range, it is very expensive for what it is.

There is limited information for the Sk8One, and does not seem very readily available for purchase. So, while the Sk8One looks the part, it goes to show that the OneWheel has dominated the market, making it very difficult for newer competitors to gain popularity.

Glidecraft S600 Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel Longboard

Price: Around $449 Max Load: Not Specified Safety Certificate: UL2272 Water Resistant: Not Specified Purchase From: Sedobike and Aliexpress

The Glidecraft S600 has the overall look of a snowboard, while being a one-wheeled electric board. There is very little information available for this board, so the speed, range, and weight limit are not known. 

We do know that the Glidecraft S600 features a treaded tire, a double watt motor, and is a low-carbon device, making it more eco-friendly.

The official Glidecraft website is no longer available, but you can purchase the Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel on sites like Aliexpress. This does mean that aftercare support will be sparse, and there are reviews that some riders have received a faulty device.

There do seem to be some dupes of the Glidecraft model available online, you can spot these as they do not feature the ‘Glidecraft’ branding. Overall, it is at your own discretion on which OneWheel alternative to go for if any, but listings that fail to offer basic product information are not ideal.

DIY One Wheel Alternative 

Finally, there are several articles and videos online which provide a walkthrough on how to build your very own one-wheeled board, from scratch,

To do this you are required to purchase all the integral components which make the board work, such as the motor and sensors, and configure them yourself to create something which resembles a OneWheel board.

This of course requires a large amount of knowledge and tools, some walkthroughs require a 3D printer which can retail for more than the OneWheel alternatives on this list.

While obvious, it is important to note that these DIY OneWheels won’t have been put through any sort of official safety testing, so is completely at the users own risk to use.

Things To Consider

Before making the leap and choosing a OneWheel alternative, there are a number of things you should consider. Not only could doing a little bit of research help you save money, but can also help prevent any possible safety issues.

  • What motor, battery, and materials are being used
  • The overall expected range and speed
  • Age limits
  • Minimum and maximum weight limits
  • What type of terrain you can ride on
  • Weight of the board
  • Charging time
  • Warranty
  • User reviews

and finally, one of the most important points of all:

  • Are you buying from a trusted source?

OneWheel Alternatives: Are They Worth It?

The answer to this depends on what you want from your board. If you are looking for a fun transportation device, or to see if you like one-wheeled boards before buying a OneWheel, then yes they could be worth it. But, if you are looking for something to rival a OneWheel at a cheaper cost, you are probably out of luck.

The OneWheel technologies are patented, meaning no other manufacturer can use them. They can try and replicate, but you shouldn’t expect OneWheel-level tech in a knock-off board. So, have you ever tried any OneWheel alternatives? What did you think of them? Please let us know in the comments below!

Onewheel Alternatives Q&A

That concludes our article on the Onewheel Alternatives but if you have a question, comment or want to share your experience with Onewheel alternatives let us and the reader know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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