The Best Onewheel Backpacks For Carrying Your Onewheel

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Imagine this; you’re gliding down the streets on your Onewheel having a great time, but then you arrive at your destination and are now stuck carrying your weighty board. Luckily, there is an easy solution for your problem which will save you from having to lug your board around by hand.

Onewheel backpacks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a convenient way to transport your Onewheel between rides. Whether you’ve arrived at your destination or your Onewheel has run out of charge, a Onewheel backpack can make it much easier to carry and provides your board an extra layer of protection when not riding.

With so many additional Onewheel products and accessories, it’s hard to know what is worth your money. But, when it comes to practicality and convenience, we feel like the Onewheel backpack is the best carrying solution for most avid riders.

This article is part of a series starting with “OneWheel: A Complete Guide “which covers everything you need to know about the OneWheel.

Why You Need A Onewheel Backpack

Onewheel backpacks are a lifesaver of a utility bag for anyone who uses their board for commuting or those who enjoy taking their Onewheel on long rides. Not only do they provide a convenient way to carry your board, but they also help to protect your Onewheel from damage when not in use.

The best backpacks for Onewheels are explicitly designed to fit the contours of the board, which helps to keep your Onewheel secure. In addition, they usually have extra pockets and compartments, making it easy to keep your things organized on the go.

While the handles you can get for your board are undoubtedly helpful, these backpacks help to evenly distribute the weight of your Onewheel for maximum carrying comfort. They can take some of the strain off your shoulders and back, making it more comfortable to carry your board for extended periods.

Top 5 Onewheel Backpacks On The Market

There is a small variety of these backpacks available, and while they are all somewhat similar, there are some key differences. When choosing which is best for you, consider the price point, what you hope to achieve with your Onewheel backpack, and if you require any additional features.

The Onewheel Backpack by Future Motion

Price: $125 Purchase From: Onewheel, Approved Onewheel Retailers

Onewheel branded and brought to you by Future Motion, this backpack is an excellent option if you’re looking for something durable, well-made, and that will fit all board models (with or without fenders).

riding a trail with a backpack

The Onewheel backpack features a chest buckle and padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying and is also equipped with storage for your home charger. You should always wear a helmet when riding your board, and the Onewheel backpack comes with a loop for easy helmet transportation when not riding.

Some users of this backpack state it is durable due to the overall design and materials used, including heavy-duty zippers, which is paramount as you do not want your backpack to unzip and board to fall out.

Very much like the board it carries, this backpack is only water-resistant to an extent, so be careful if caught in the rain. Also, while this OneWheel backpack does fit all the board models, it could be a less snug fit on the smaller boards. While this isn’t a huge issue thanks to the internal compression straps which secure your Onewheel in place, the fit won’t be as streamlined.

Onewheel Backpack – Onewheel // Future Motion

Superow Backpack for Onewheel By Craft and Ride

Price: $149.99 Purchase From: Craft and Ride

Craft and Ride is a hugely popular brand loved by many Onewheel fans. They are not only an authorized Onewheel dealer, but also sell many aftermarket accessories including their own branded Onewheel backpack.

The Superow backpack is genuinely made with the rider in mind and is the main competitor to the original Onewheel backpack; some riders may say it is even better. Available in two sizes, one for the Pint/Pint X and another for the +XR/GT, both including a storage compartment for your Onewheel charger.

There are several unique features, such as the ability to fold the backpack when not in use to be stored in the additional shoulder bag (which is included as standard). This feature shows that the Superow has been designed with feedback from riders in mind.

Also, the Superow is compatible with most aftermarket accessories. Adjustable compartments will fit flight fins, footpads, and fenders. Other features such as multiple helmet webbing loops for storage, comfortable straps with a chest buckle, and wipe-clean water-resistant material make this a brilliant backpack.

Although, the Superow backpack is pretty expensive. It is more costly than the Onewheel branded version, but you get more features and an additional storage bag for this price.

Superow Backpack for Onewheel™ (Bag) – Craft&Ride (

Onewheel x Mafia Slingpack

Price: $225 Purchase From: Onewheel, Approved Onewheel Retailers

More of a sling shoulder bag than a backpack, the Onewheel x Mafia Slingpack is crafted using recycled ship sails, is hand sewn, and reuses neoprene originally from wetsuits. Made in San Francisco at the Mafia studio, this is undoubtedly a more ethical and fashion-conscious Onewheel backpack.

Due to the recycled nature of this well-built bag, the colors may differ from bag to bag depending on what fabric is available at the time. This adds a unique quality to your Onewheel backpack but may not be for everyone if you’re looking for a specific color.

While you can attach your helmet to the Slingpack for storage, there is nowhere for you to store your charger. If you want to take your charger out with you on long hauls, you will need to purchase the external charger pouch, which is undoubtedly not ideal given the price of the Slingpack to begin with.

If you’re a fan of Mafia and their brand’s work, plus you care about sustainably sourced materials, then this Spingpack could be perfect for you. Just keep in mind there are other backpacks on this list that offer more features for a lower price point. Onewheel x Mafia Slingpack – Onewheel // Future Motion

OnePac Custom Carrier For Onewheel XR

Price: $98 Purchase From: eBay, Mecari

The OnePac is an innovative, unique Onewheel backpack solution. Unlike the other bags on this list, the OnePac fixes over the fender only (a fender is recommended for the OnePac to fit correctly), allowing you to carry your board either on your back, or as a sling, over your shoulder, or even pulled along behind you.

This handmade nylon carrier offers a webbing loop for helmet storage, room for your charger, and reinforced handles. Created by a Onewheel rider to fit their needs, the OnePac does seem to be an excellent alternative to the standard backpack.

The OnePac does seem to have some teething issues with it being such a new product to the market. The OnePac website is currently down, but you can purchase from eBay or Mecari.

onewheel xr by a fence

The OnePac is also only made to fit the OneWheel XR. Although other Onewheel models may fit, the carrier will be looser on smaller models like the Pint. The OnePac owner has stated that they are currently working on a version to fit the Pint/Pint X, but there is no word of a release date yet.

One feature which will either make or break how you feel about the OnePac is that you do not need to remove it when riding. At first, this seems like a fantastic idea, but it could be potentially unsafe with straps so close to the moving wheel. You would have to ensure the straps are kept short and on top of the fender at all times.

Onewheel xr Onepac custom made CARRIER. | eBay

Onewheel xr Onepac custom made carrier | Mercari

BEST Onewheel Backpack the Onepac! : Onewheel (

M64 Onewheel Backpack Bag Heavy Duty Water Resistant For Pint / PintX

Price: $139 Purchase From: eBay

Whenever a new product is trending, knock-offs will always be created to try and infiltrate the market. While the Onewheel backpack retail space is still small, the M64 backpack is an alternative backpack currently available on eBay.

While there is not much information available, we know this backpack is made from heavy-duty water-resistant nylon, can fit a Onewheel with or without a fender, and is only available for the Pint/Pint X models.

Located in Thailand, the international delivery times are long (14-45 days). The total price, plus postage, makes this one expensive backpack. Due to not knowing much about the quality of this item, you are probably best opting for one of the other Onewheel backpacks on this list.

Onewheel Backpack Bag Heavy Duty Water Resistant For Pint / PintX – Black | eBay

Can You Put A Onewheel In A Normal Backpack?

riding on trail with backpack

The answer is yes; many riders do use the average backpack, although it should be noted that a backpack designed specifically for a Onewheel will provide a more streamlined and secure fit.

When choosing a backpack, you will need to consider the board’s size and allow room for the wheel. Backpacks aimed at motorbike riders, mountain bikers, and hikers are popular choices due to the overall size usually being big enough for a Onewheel.

Some of these larger backpacks can be pricey, more than a specific Onewheel backpack. So, unless you are planning on using it for other activities, it may be best to purchase a backpack made for your board.

Final Thoughts On The Onewheel Backpack

The best backpack choice will come down to personal preference and what matters most to you. While there isn’t a huge amount of options, this is probably for the best and will help you make your decision easier.

Ultimately, they all provide you with a way to transport your board hands-free on your epic trips, which is exactly what you want. Have you ever tried a OneWheel backpack? Do you think they are worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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