Onewheel Battery Replacement Guide

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Whether you’re an experienced Onewheeler or just getting started, at some point you may need to replace your board’s battery. Maybe you are wondering if you can increase your board’s range with a battery upgrade, or you just want to be prepared in case your current battery ever dies.

But, when it comes to Onewheel battery replacement there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Onewheel boards are advanced, electronic transportation devices and any changes made must be done with absolute care. There are also possible warranty issues if you replace your Onewheel battery that you should know about.

So, before you decide to deep dive into your Onewheels battery compartment, we must ensure you are fully informed of both the possible risks and rewards. After all, you don’t want to cause your board any damage as it will be a costly mistake to make.

When Would You Need To Replace A Onewheel Battery?

The Onewheel electric skateboards are robust and built to last but eventually, your battery will need replacing. Lithium batteries typically last around 500-1000 charges, which depending on how often you ride can equate to many years of riding fun. An average rider might get 7 to 10 years out of their battery if it is properly maintained, charged, and properly stored. 

When the time comes, knowing when your battery needs replacing is key for both safety and performance reasons. If you notice any of the following issues, it might be time for a new battery:

  • After turning it on, your Onewheel moves backward and forward slightly of its own accord- this shows the battery is not generating enough power
  • Your Onewheel does not power on
  • The battery light or Onewheel app shows your board is at full charge, but only rides for a short period before the battery drains
  • There is visible damage to the battery pack or around the battery e.g. to the resistors
  • An overall drop in usual performance and range capabilities
  • Takes longer to charge than usual

Aside from inevitable wear and tear, leading to gradual battery deterioration over time, another reason you may want to undertake a Onewheel battery replacement is to increase your board’s performance and get additional range.

Purchasing A New Onewheel Battery

So, let’s say your Onewheel needs a battery replacement as the old one has run its course. You have two options in this situation, send your board to the approved service center or replace the battery yourself.

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Future Motion, the creators of the Onewheel, explicitly state that any repairs must be done by their service center. This is to avoid any potential damage that an unapproved aftermarket modification may cause as this could cause safety issues, as well as possibly harming your Onewheel.

Also, it is important to note that making changes to your Onewheel yourself will void the warranty.

Sending your board to the service center, even for something as simple as a Onewheel battery replacement, can be costly as you have to not only pay for the battery but also the shipping cost roundtrip. It will be less work for you though.

If you feel confident to undertake a battery change yourself at your own risk, then you can purchase a new battery from online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and also specialist retailers (who are not affiliated with Future Motion).

This is also the path you will need to take if you are wanting to hit the next level to increase the Onewheel range capabilities.

Some retailers offer a service where you can send your Onewheel to them for the battery change, eradicating the need to do it yourself. Just be sure to factor in any additional costs this may bring (if any).

Chi Battery Systems and JW Batteries are two very popular aftermarket manufacturers of Onewheel batteries. Many experienced Onewheel riders have installed batteries from these companies and love the extended range they can now achieve.

However, replacing the battery in your Onewheel is not a cheap endeavor. Batteries purchased from either Chi or JW will cost you in the range of $325-$600+. Considering the overall price of a Onewheel this is an expensive choice to make, especially if your only reason is to increase the range.

With this in mind, it typically works out cheaper to install a higher-capacity battery versus upgrading to a more expensive Onewheel model.

There are some cheaper batteries on the market, but as with anything you will get what you pay for. Ensure you check for user reviews, the battery specs, and only purchase from reputable sellers.

Choosing Your New Onewheel Battery

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Before you go looking for a new battery, you need to decide what it is you want to gain from your Onewheel battery replacement. If you are happy with the standard range, you should look for a battery with a similar capacity as your stock Onewheel battery.

Most riders look to replace their battery because they want to increase their Onewheels range. If this is the outcome you are looking for, many options on the market will help you achieve this.

For example, both Chi Battery Systems and JW Batteries offer a battery for the Onewheel Pint which increases the range of the Pint to 12-15 miles. This is almost double the normal range for a Pint without losing any performance or speed.

You don’t really want to go with an option that provides less power than the stock battery. Going for a lower spec, even if it saves you money, means you won’t get the most out of your Onewheel. The range will be lower, how long it holds charge will be less, and will just hinder your overall riding experience.

Important Points Before Replacing Your Onewheel Battery

As previously mentioned, changing the battery yourself can void your warranty. If you are still in the warranty period it’s a good idea to consider the possible implications of this before making any changes.

Another point is that the higher-powered batteries are heavier and often larger than the original battery. A bigger battery will add a little weight, but not enough to negatively affect your Onewheels capabilities.

But, what this does mean is that you may not be able to take your Onewheel on holiday with you. If traveling by airplane, different airlines have varying rules regarding taking lithium batteries on a flight.

Many Onewheel users have been able to take their boards on an airplane with the stock battery. You should always check with your airline before bringing your Onewheel along, but know if you have replaced the battery for something more powerful you may no longer be able to fly with it.

Another implication of a bigger battery is that you may need to make modifications to the battery compartment. While some of the batteries come with instructions on how to do this, you may want to avoid purchasing a battery that requires this step to avoid possibly damaging your Onewheel.

You will also be required to purchase specific tools to gain entrance to the battery compartment. For example, the Onewheel Pint requires a T20 Torx and T20 5-Point Security set to replace the battery. This is an additional expense, but all required tools will be outlined by the battery retailer along with an instruction guide to follow.

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Finally, when you change the battery you are altering the internal battery management system of your Onewheel. Some of the alternative batteries may not be compatible depending on the hardware and firmware of your Onewheel board.

In order to allow these different components to work, you will need to purchase a chip, such as the JWFFM chip, which will override the factory settings allowing a more powerful battery to be used.

It is quite a tough job to undertake, especially if you pick a chip that requires soldering. You will need to check the compatibility guides for your chosen battery before buying to see if you will need to consider a battery mod.

Proceeding With A Onewheel Battery Replacement

Ultimately, every avid Onewheel owner will need to replace the original battery at some point in their board’s lifetime. Whether you decide to send it to the approved service center or make the change yourself, the choice is yours to make.

If you’re wanting to travel for longer on a single charge, you can undertake a Onewheel battery replacement to increase your board’s range. Just be sure to understand the risks and stipulations that can come with this. So, have you ever upgraded your Onewheel battery? Let us know in the comments below!

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