Onewheel Battery Specs

One of the most frequently changed components of a Onewheel board is the battery so Onewheel Battery Specs can be important to know. When the battery gets weak, then it requires a replacement. 

There are two main ways to boost a battery’s capacity:

  • Replace the current battery with a high-capacity alternative.
  • Place an additional battery pack parallel to the existing battery. 

Whatever you choose to do, knowing the specification of the battery from the manufacturer will help you determine its suitability with your Onewheel hoverboard. 

Battery Specifications.

Here are the battery specifications for different Onewheel models;

  • Onewheel Pint:

The manufacturer’s specification for the Onewheel Pint battery is; a 148Wh internal battery. It is a 15-cell li-ion battery pack. This gives it a nominal voltage of 3.7V * 15s = 55.6V and a maximum voltage of 4.1V * 15s = 61.5V.

There are some aftermarket batteries with different specifications like;

  1. The DEWALT 9AH Flexvolt costs about $217.17. It has a 180Wh internal battery capacity. It also has a dual voltage of 20V/60V. 
  2. The GT40 range extender costs about $279. It is a parallel range extender and it has a battery capacity of 63V 5AH, this adds to the normal internal 3AH capacity to give 63V 8AH. It can triple the range of the Onewheel Pint. 
  • Onewheel Plus:

This has a manufacturer’s specification of 130Wh. It is made from Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4). 

The JW+ Onewheel Plus battery upgrade is available as an aftermarket battery for the Onewheel plus. It has a nominal voltage of 50.4V and can provide double the range of a stock Onewheel plus battery. 

  • Onewheel XR:

The Onewheel + XR has a manufacturer’s specification of 324 Wh, 63V. It is made from Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC). 

The CBXR is the original Onewheel XR battery upgrade that can serve as an aftermarket battery. It costs about $549. It has 567 WH and can provide twice the range of the stock battery. It has a nominal of 54V and a maximum of 63V. 

Different boards have different Onewheel battery specifications. Most times, the aftermarket batteries are upgraded to provide better performance than the stock battery.

Onewheel Battery Specs Q&A

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