Onewheel Bearings

Onewheel bearings are used to reduce friction between the moving parts of Onewheel boards. They constrain motion to only the desired parts of the machine. A Onewheel requires two bearings to operate. Therefore, each set has two bearings. The main types of Onewheel bearings are;

  •        Onewheel Hybrid ceramic bearing (like TFLs and Burris’)
  •        Stainless steel bearings (like FAGs)

Most riders prefer ceramic bearings because they have an increased range and they offer a smoother ride. Onewheel bearings are very affordable, costing anywhere from $50 -$99.

Replacing Onewheel Bearings

Replacing Onwheel bearings on your Onewheel can increase the longevity of the motor. Bearings do not need to be replaced until they get worn out. If you are riding over a thousand miles and suddenly start hearing clanking sounds, in the process of transferring from your toe to your heel region, that is a sign that your bearing is weak and will require changing. When this happens, it is best to begin the replacement process ASAP as further delaying it could cause more damage to the board.

Best Selling Onewheel Bearings

The TFL Grizzly ABEC-7 Bearings is the latest upgraded version of the Onewheel. It comes in both ceramic and steel.

Best Features of the bearing

  •   It comes with a 6 months warranty from the date of purchase or up to 1000 miles ridden on the bearing.
  •  The ABEC-7 feature ensures that the tolerance is kept tight and prevents harsh actions on the axial part that can damage the bearing.
  •   It contains 440C stainless inner and outer races making the bearing hard.
  •  The bearing is compatible with almost all versions of the Onewheel board.

Aftermarket bearings can be ordered online when a replacement is needed. Remember that opening the MOD of your board can reduce your warranty. When uncertain, take your board to a professional for repairs and replacements as opposed to trying it out yourself.

Onewheel Bearings Q&A

Have you ever needed to change your Onewheel bearings, if so how long did they last, was it difficualt to change? If you have any questions, comments, or advice about Onewheel bearings let us and our readers know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Onewheel Team

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