Onewheel Bumpers: The Top 4 Compared

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Onewheels are an excellent investment for anyone looking for an efficient and fun way to get around. However, like all investments, they need to be adequately cared for in order to maximize their lifespan and one key area of focus is the Onewheel bumper.

Onewheel bumpers are like two skid plates, one on the bottom front of the board and one on the back of the board. They are also known as Onewheel bang bumpers to some people. Either way, they are a great product that provides essential protection for your Onewheel board.

After riding for a couple of hundred miles you’ll likely see damage forming on the stock bumper, especially if you grind hard or ride off-road or perform what is known as nudging. Not only does this decrease the aesthetic value of your Onewheel, but it also puts the board and battery at risk of damage.

Onewheel riders are a passionate bunch, many with their own recommendations for aftermarket Onewheel accessories and that includes Onewheel bumpers. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the best Onewheel bumpers on the market and found out what the experts think are the best designed, most durable, and best bang for your buck.

When To Change Your Bumpers

Changing a onewheel bumper

Some riders wait too long to change out the stock Onewheel bumper and this can cause some issues and even damage to your board.

It’s a good idea to change your bumper if you start seeing a hole or just before the front screws that hold the bumper on start to rub out.

Riders that wait too long and wear the level of the screws down have had difficulty removing the screws and the bumper.

So be sure to check your Onewheel bumpers regularly and change them before they become worn down to avoid problems.

Can You Change Onewheel Bumpers Yourself?

Before we get into the best Onewheel bumpers, you should know if it’s easy to change a Onewheel bumper yourself, and if changing the bumpers cause warranty issues.

Many riders choose to change their bumpers themselves as it is a relatively straightforward process. It is one of the only modifications Future Motion, the company that makes the Onewheel, advises you can do it yourself. They even have a helpful video tutorial on their YouTube channel showing how to do it.

Unless otherwise specified, all you need to do is remove the screws on the underside of the board, needing only an Allen wrench for your installation tool, which is holding the stock bumper in place. Then turn your attention to the screws that secure the footpads and unscrew them too.

After removing the footpads, the stock bumpers will just slide off, allowing you to fit the brand-new Onewheel bumpers to your board. Once you have replaced the screws, you are good to carve up the streets again while knowing your board is better protected than ever before.

The Best Onewheel Bumpers On The Market

Aside from the added protection these bumpers provide, they are also a super cool way to customize your board’s look to reflect you and your personality. There is a vast range of colors available and varying price points meaning you will find the perfect bumper to suit your style and budget.

Onewheel Bumper by Future Motion

Price: $55 for GT/XR or $45 for Pint/Pint X Purchase from: Onewheel or approved dealers

When it comes to Onewheel bang bumpers, some would think that it makes sense to go straight to the source since these bumpers are designed specifically for the Onewheel Pint/Pint X and Onewheel+ XR/GT and will perfectly hug the contours of your board. But are these the best Onewheel Bumpers?

Thanks to the huge range of colors and its cheaper price point, the future motion Onewheel bumper is one of the more popular options on this list. You can easily bundle one of these bumpers with the purchase of a Onewheel board which makes this a simple and easy option for new riders.

We should note that these Onewheel bumpers are the same as the stock bumpers you will be replacing. While made from polyethylene, which is said to be high-density and very durable, many riders offer criticism as they don’t provide much protection to the battery pack and they show wear and tear quickly.

If you are a casual rider, who uses their board for short commutes, easy riding, and don’t stray off the beaten path, then this bumper will likely serve you well. However, if you are an aggressive rider or intend to take your Onewheel off-road or do trick riding, you may want to consider the other options on this list.

B.A.N.G Bumpers by The Float Life

Price: From $99 Purchase From: The Float Life and Approved dealers

float life bang bumpers

These Onewheel bang bumpers are made of very durable polyethylene, which many users note lasts much longer than the standard stock bumper. They cover the battery pack well and come in many colors, with gloss and matte options, in a solid or swirled pattern which looks pretty awesome.

Each bumper is hand-poured in the USA, making each of these Onewheel bumpers unique. While it is great to know they are made in the USA, many claim these bumpers are tricky to install as the screw holes don’t always line up. This may be down to the method in which they are manufactured and how each turns out differently.

As long as you don’t mind potentially having to sort the screw hole issue and accept the price tag, these bumpers are definitely one of the most durable on the market. One main drawback is that they are made only for the Onewheel+ XR. So, if you own a newer board model, you’re out of luck on this one.

Badger Bumpers by BadgerWheel

Price: From $95 Purchase From: BadgerWheel and approved dealers

These beefy bumpers claim to be 10x more durable than the standard stock option, featuring internal stainless steel reinforcements for added strength. There’s no need to remove your footpads when installing and they cover your battery pack well.

They’re slightly wider than standard stock bumpers, which provides more protection to your board’s rails. They are slightly heavier than the original Onewheel bumpers, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when accounting for the total weight allowance.

BadgerWheel has many happy customers who seem to love their purchases, making them a great choice for many riders. There are some downsides though, there are only 5 color options available and they are only available for the Onewheel+ XR.

Butter Bumpers by FlightFins

Price: From $114.95 Purchase from: FlightFins and Approved dealers

These Onewheel bumpers are again only compatible with certain board models, in this case, the Onewheel+ and XR. While this isn’t ideal for all riders, the quality and material of the ButterBumpers certainly catapult it to being one of the best on the market. 

man riding onewheel with bumper on sidewalk

With added side protection, the ButterBumpers protect your rails from damage, saving you from having to fork out for replacements. The battery box is completely covered with these Onewheel bumpers, which can’t be said for the original stock ones.

Made from high-quality materials, which are also said to be self-lubricating means you are able to slide further and with more ease. Available in only 3 colors which are black, white, and red (the latter 2 costing more money).

The ButterBumpers are the second most expensive of the Onewheel bang bumpers on this list, but they do give you exactly what you want; extra protection for your Onewheel so you don’t need to worry when out riding.

Fangs 3.0 Front Bumper by Land Surf

Price: $94.95 for Pint/Pint X and $119.95 for Onewheel+ and XR Purchase from: Land Surf

Something a little different, but still a bumper nonetheless, the Fangs 3.0 seem to offer a bit more than the other bumpers. Compatible with the Pint, Pint X, Onewheel+, XR, and with the GT edition in production, makes this one of the most inclusive Onewheel bumpers on the market.

This bumper is built from resistant plastic with additional UV protection, which will help whatever color you choose to stay vibrant. With the addition of ‘fangs’, two little wheels which are said to help avoid nasty nosedive accidents, this is a two-in-one deal that makes this bumper unique.

You do only receive the front bumper with this purchase, which for the price does work out very pricey. That being said, what you get is a solid front bumper with additional fangs, so if you wanted fangs to begin with this works out as a pretty solid deal.

Please note that although fangs may help lessen any possible accidents, you should always respect your board’s pushback and wear safety gear when riding.

Best Bumper For Trail Riders

Due to the clearance on each of these boards, the Bang Bumper or the Badger has more clearance and experts say that these are the best options for those riders that do mostly trail riding or tricks.

Which Of The Onewheel Bumpers Is Best For You?

Depending on what board you have, there are some very solid Onewheel bang bumpers on the market. While there aren’t many options for the newer board models, you can still find a nice quality replacement bumper that will offer the protection you are looking for.

The standard stock bumper is perfectly adequate for many riders; however, you know your riding style and if it’s a little more on the wild side, one of the other Onewheel protective bumpers on this list will do you well.

Have you ever tried an aftermarket bumper? Do you think they are worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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