Onewheel CBXR: The Best Battery For Onewheel

The Onewheel CBXR is a popular kind of battery for Onewheel boards. It has a toughness that makes it very durable and extremely safe. It is the most suitable upgrade for the XR Onewheel boards. On its own, the XR Onewheel board is known for its speed and wide range. When it is fully charged, the machine can cover up to 12-18 miles, covering all kinds of terrains, both wet and dry. 

The boost that the CBXR gives the Onewheel, makes it even more desirable to ride. It produces an increased torque to move the machine to even wilder levels. It costs about $549.

Benefits of the Onewheel CBXR

  • It provides two times the normal range of your stock battery.
  • It is built with a Grade-A Molicel. This ensures that it has an improved life cycle and makes it fast charging.
  • It is the most compact available model of battery. There is no need to worry about rough riding and dropping from a distance as it can handle the impact. 
  • It has steel spring plates and it is infused with cell level. Therefore, it has the highest degree of protection. 
  • It consists of the smallest amount of housing mod when compared with other batteries.
  • It allows 30 amps of continuous discharge and 567 WH of real usable capacity.
  • It gives more control, reducing the chances of a nosedive. 
  • Due to the generous amount of cells used, the rate of cell degradation with fast charging is reduced.

Compatibility of the CBXR

It is important that you find out the hardware version of your board, as not all models are compatible with the CBXR. The Onewheel CBXR is currently compatible with all models from 4209 and previous, it also works well with 4210 and 4144. 

You can confirm the version of your board from the Onewheel app which can be installed on your device. 

The Onewheel CBXR comes recommended. It offers all that a board needs and more. It can be ordered online, from various platforms such as; ChiBatterySystems. If you are looking to replace your battery to get a better range, then the Onewheel CBXR is a great option. Ensure that you confirm the version of your hardware before proceeding to purchase.

Onewheel CBXR Q&A

Before now, did you hear about the CBXR? If yes, let me know what exactly you heard in the comments. Also, if yo have a question, comment or advice on the Onewheel CBXR, let us and readers know.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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