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Onewheel Charger Plug: As you cruise around with your boards, you can never be too careful. These boards are precious and sometimes dirt and dust can find their way into your charger port if left exposed. This can be harmful to your board, shortening its life span and causing it to spoil early. This is why most riders need Onewheel charger plugs.

A Onewheel Charger plug is made from silicone. It offers an extra protective layer for your charge ports. Onewheel boards do not come with charger plugs, but they can be easily ordered online. The silicone material used in the production of the plugs is flexible and durable. 

Types of Charger plugs

Several types of plugs are available for the different types of Onewheel chargers. When trying to purchase a plug for your board, ensure that you choose the right one for the device model. Here are some of the available types of charger plugs;  

And several other types of plugs. 

Charger plugs are made fanciful and can be customized for a rider. Some of them have dual purposes and serve as key rings, and board games. 

A Onewheel charger plug costs anywhere between $3 -$50 depending on the type, features, and quantity needed. 

Using a charger plug will keep your charger port clean and dust-free and this will keep your device in a good state. The best part is that the plugs are very affordable and can be shipped around the world. If you are looking to keep your hoverboards in the best possible condition, then you should not neglect any part of it, including the charging port space. Choose a fancy style or your favorite color that can serve you dual-purpose and keep your board safe.

Onewheel Charger Plug Q&A

Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried using a Onewheel car charger or other types of chargers or if you have any questions or comments. In your opinion, do you think it is faster than the normal charging process?

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