Onewheel Dimensions

Onewheel is the brainchild of Future Motion Inc. Others see Onewheel as an electric skateboard, while others think of it as a hoverboard. Whatever you think it resembles, it pays to know onewheel dimensions and models to make an informed decision. 

Onewheel: Portable, Lightweight, and Compact

Being one of the best modes of transportation, onewheel is convenient for people who do not own a car or bike. It is convenient and easy to use. For pleasure buyers, it provides entertainment for both adults and kids. It is also thrifty and saves us money from gas for vehicles.

Onewheels are small, compact, and lightweight, making them portable enough for people who travel a lot. They can also be folded easily, which was accessible to interested users with little storage place. If one does not have space in their car or apartment, onewheel will still fit inside luggage or tiny spaces. Onewheels are the most convenient and more accessible medium for transportation that makes every day easier.

Even though all models are pretty small, they come with so much durability and different benefits.

Different variations were set to fit the desired design and form of the buyers. Onewheel comes in various sizes that could make choosing easier for everyone.

Onewheel Pint Dimensions

Onewheel Pint is more refined than Onewheel XR because it has smaller footpads and form factor, plus it weights at only 23 lbs. Since Onewheel XR is more advanced, it makes sense that it has a smaller battery compartment, affecting the range.

The range of Onewheel Pint is around 6-8 miles (or 10-13 km). The price of a Onewheel Pint is $950 without the accessories. Onewheel dimensions are 10.5″ x 8.75″, which paints the picture of extreme portability.  

To compare it to something buyers might be more familiar with: a soda can. The pint is shorter than most bottles of wine by 2 inches but weighs about four times as a typical can of beer.

If a potential owner’s apartment is small enough to store onewheels inside like other regular bikes or skateboards, then this model’s size should help you squeeze into tight corners while still being able to ride where ever.

 It is conventional for people with small spaces and was designed to fit anywhere and could be brought anytime with its lightweight features.

Onewheel XR Dimensions

Onewheel XR allows users to go from rocks to gravel, sand, roads, and other rough and challenging surfaces. Before the release of the Onewheel GT, this model was trendy because of its increased battery size compared to Onewheel Pint. 

Onewheel XR starts at $1,799. Its weight is 27 lbs, and its onewheel dimensions are 9.5″ x 29.5″. The tire has an 11.5″ x 6.5-6″ square profile. The range is 12-18 miles (or 19-29 km). Onewheel XR never disappoints at a top speed of 19 mph (or 30 km/h).   

The Onewheel XR also boasts an impressive 18-mile range (29 km) and 19 mph top speed before running out of juice. It takes just 2 hours to charge from empty to full power again, having not much downtime between trips.

It was more predefined in terms of long-term traveling than the first model. Lastly, it has regenerative braking technology. Having regenerative braking while riding downhill at a fast pace will slow down your descent rate due to the momentum that goes into charging its batteries.

Onewheel GT Dimensions

Onewheel GT is the newest flagship product of Future Motion Inc., overthrowing Onewheel XR. The starting price of Onewheel GT is $2,200. The weight is 35lbs, and onewheel dimensions are 9.5″ x 29.5″. The tire has a round profile of 11.5″ x 6.5-6.5″. Onewheel GT is known for its increased range of 20-32 miles (or 32-52 km), 30% more than the XR. Onewheel GT lets the rider reach a top speed of 20 mph (or 32 km/h). The charging time is 200 minutes.  

Even though it was the most heavy-duty model out of the three, it is still easy to use due to its predefined features. Its controls were redesigned for easier access, and it has a higher voltage and dynamic performance at all speeds that made it accessible for riders that were looking for onewheels that fit their high sports drive,

If you are looking for a suitable ride to commute and transport to and from work, Onewheel Pint is a good choice due to its hassle-free features that could make traveling easier and more convenient. But if you need more range, you should pick Onewheel XR as it can go boldly in different terrains and has more accessible controls despite being mandated over challenging surfaces.

And finally, if you need more power and range, it is high time to invest in Onewheel GT, that have predefined features that would fit your exploring and adventurous side. 

The capability of onewheel of showing its ability to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being, our economic status, and even its convenience has been proven and tested. These electric vehicles should be considered the recreational appeal and practical use as a personal transporter. After choosing based on onewheel dimensions and other features, you should focus on practicing more so you can steer in no time.

Above everything else, one must be able to assess the little details of a onewheel to assure the safety and welfare of the rider.

Onewheel Dimensions Q&A

This concludes our article on Onehweel dimensions but if you have any questions or comments let us know in the comment section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

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