Onewheel Footpads – The Best Picks of 2023

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You’ve got to admit; Onewheel boards have to be one of the current coolest transportation devices available. Onewheels are unique, stylish, and a lot of fun to ride. Plus, for one-wheeled electric skateboards, they can go pretty fast and are sure to turn heads.

However, a downside of Onewheel riding is that we can fall victim to foot fatigue when riding for a long time. The stock footpads that come with all Onewheel boards, aside from the GT model, are flat, which can lead to tired muscles and cramp. It also means that you can’t grip the board all that well, causing issues if you want to carve or do any tricks.

This is where upgraded concave Onewheel footpads come in. A regular skateboard offers a lot of grip and comfort because of its concave design, so it’s no wonder that Onewheelers are looking for the same in their footpads to take them to the next level.

This article is part of a series starting with “OneWheel: A Complete Guide” which covers everything you need to know about the Onewheel.

What Are Onewheel Footpads?

Onewheel boards have two footpad areas: one at the front and another at the back. The footpads are where we place our feet, activating the Onewheel sensors.

The pressure-sensitive sensors are what tell the Onewheel to move forward or backward, depending on which way we lean. It’s essential to have good grip and control over our Onewheel footpads, or else we risk losing balance and falling off.

Why Upgrade Your Onewheel Footpads?

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There are a few reasons why Onewheelers might want to upgrade their footpads from the stock pads. Firstly, as we mentioned before, the stock Onewheel footpads are flat (except for the GT version) and don’t offer much hold. The standard footpads can lead to many issues regarding control and balance, especially when riding over uneven terrain or during stunts.

Secondly, flat footpads can cause foot fatigue after extended periods of riding. Onewheeling is a lot of fun but can also be quite tiring on the feet and legs. When out riding, we constantly have to adjust our footing and use muscles that we don’t usually use when walking or running.

The curved design of most concave Onewheel footpads helps distribute our weight and takes some of the strain off our feet and legs. Upgraded Onewheel footpads can help with this by offering more grip and support. Basically, these Onewheel footpads can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable Onewheel experience.

Installation of a crispy new set of footpads is a breeze as most can be used with an Allen wrench as the installation tool.

What Are the Best Onewheel Footpads?

The best part of choosing any aftermarket Onewheel footpads has to be the level of customization. You can choose between a range of footpads, some offering a deeper curve, while others more length. Having such a range to choose from allows riders to find the perfect Onewheel footpads to suit their riding style and preferences.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Onewheel footpads currently available.

OneTail+ Extended Concave Foot Pad by Craft&Ride

Price: $124.99 Compatible with: V1, Plus, XR, Pint, and Pint X

Available from: Craft&Ride and Approved retailers.

A firm favorite amongst many riders, the OneTail+ Extended Concave Foot Pads are hand-beveled premium wood construction from maple wood in California and offer a subtle concave. The OneTail+ is excellent for those with a wider stance thanks to the extended length, and the slight concave provides more comfort and grip than the stock options.

These Onewheel footpads are also compatible with fenders and have an option to fit FlightFins/Flight Fender, which are some other great Onewheel aftermarket accessories. All orders come with the Craft&Ride grip tape offering decent grippiness and does the job well.

Cobra Grip Concave Foot Pad by OW Armor

Price: $99.99 Compatible with: Plus and XR

Available from: Craft&Ride, Street Shred, and other approved retailers

One of the deepest, more aggressive concave Onewheel footpads available, this option from OW Armor is great for those who really want to secure their stance. The Cobra Grip Concave Foot Pads offer an extreme concave allowing you to tackle the hardest carves and rugged terrain.

The Cobra grip concave footpad is a single rear footpad replacement. With the added concave, you can have more control over your board while allowing you to feel locked on to your board.

Kush Lo Footpad by The Float Life

Price: $99.00 Compatible with: Plus, XR, Pint, and Pint X Available from: The Float Life, Amazon, and other approved retailers

Offering a nice mid-level concave, the Kush Lo Footpad by The Float Life is made from a long-wearing Urethane. As it is made from this super soft and durable material, the Kush Lo absorbs vibrations, making it a brilliant choice for those who want a more comfortable Onewheel ride.

The Kush Lo comes with pre-applied TFL grip tape, which is known for its fantastic hold. These Onewheel footpads offer a significant level of comfort and control but are less curved than the Cobra. The Kush Lo is awesome for adding more control to your street riding abilities and opens up a world of new possibilities. Plus, they are compatible with FlightFins/Flight Fenders!

Platypus Wide Concave Rear Footpad by Land Surf

Price: $99.95 Compatible with: Plus and XR Available from: Land Surf and OneStopBoardShop

One of the more unique Onewheel footpads available, the Platypus Wide Concave Rear Footpad embraces your foot unlike any other. With a broader surface area and a nice mid-range concave, the Platypus really lets you feel one with your Onewheel. These Onewheel footpads are also perfect for riders with bigger feet.

Made from super hard-wearing polyurethane, the Platypus Wide Concave Rear Footpad is also compatible with FlightFins/most Fenders. You can choose between a range of colors, so not only do you get added comfort and control but also a chance to customize your board.

OneTail Flare Concave Footpad for GT by Craft&Ride

Price: From $124.99 Compatible with: GT Available from: Craft&Ride

The first aftermarket concave footpad available for the GT, the OneTail Flare offers so much more than the Future Motion stock version. When the GT was released, riders were pleased to see they had listened to feedback and changed the flat Onewheel footpad’s design. So, most riders are pretty happy with the stock concave footpad for their GT, but there is always room for improvement. 

If you find yourself getting foot fatigue with your stock rear footpad, definitely give the OneTail Flare footpads a try! The OneTail Flare provides supreme comfort for your rear footpad and a smooth side-to-side concave design. Made from maple wood, these Onewheel footpads come with Craft&Ride grip tape in various colors and designs.

Final Thoughts on Onewheel Footpads

If you have issues with your stock Onewheel footpads or are looking for something a little more from your ride, upgrading your footpads could be the answer. There are various Onewheel Footpads to choose from; each has its unique benefits for a range of rider preferences.

Aftermarket replacement footpads are one way to elevate your Onewheel, but they do come at a cost. But, most riders who have made the switch will agree that the benefits of an upgraded footpad definitely outweigh the cost. Have you ever switched out your footpads? What are your favorite concave footpads to ride with? Let us know in the comments below!

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