The Best Onewheel Front Wheels For Your Board

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Onewheel boards are known for their signature single-wheel and floaty ride. Many users even liken riding a Onewheel to ‘surfing the streets.’ Ripping up steep inclines, bombing down steep hills, and carving through city streets becomes an entirely new experience on a Onewheel.

Unfortunately, these awesome electronic transportation devices are susceptible to one major downfall: a nosedive. Luckily for us, thanks to clever aftermarket accessory suppliers, Onewheel front wheels are available to purchase. These front wheel additions give riders peace of mind and more time to ride out a nosedive on a trail run.

A nosedive happens when the front of your Onewheel dips forward into the ground, halting movement and throwing you forwards. Nosedives happen for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes, they are unavoidable. It’s happened to the best of us, and it really puts a damper on an otherwise great ride. But, can Onewheel front wheels help us in this tricky situation?

What Are Onewheel Front Wheels?

Onewheel front wheels are pretty much what they sound like- two small wheels that attach to the front of the board. They are also known as fangs, although technically, only the Land Surf version is called this.

The idea is that if you do nosedive, the Onewheel front wheels will keep your board moving forward rather than halting mid-ride unexpectedly. Having this extra safety measure allows you more time to either ride out the nosedive or quickly jump off for a safer ride.

Do You Need Onewheel Front Wheels?

As for whether you need these extra wheels, it is entirely up to you as a rider. Onewheel front wheels are definitely worth it for the added protection they provide. Still, some users find them to be a bit of an unnecessary expense and take away the overall look of a Onewheel. 

There are even riders that call them ‘training wheels,’ which kind of takes away the ‘cool factor’ for some users.

onewheel board flying on dirt trail

Across social media and online forums, users have varying opinions on the matter. Some expert riders feel that the extra wheels under the nose of the board are a great way to add safety and are worth every penny, while others find that they never use them or haven’t experienced a nosedive in the first place. 

One factor that affects whether they are worth it is the terrain you ride on, as Onewheel front wheels aren’t always as effective off-road in the way they are on-road.

Just ask yourself this when deciding whether Onewheel front wheels are for you: which is more important, the aesthetics of your Onewheel or your personal safety? After all, Onewheel accidents are no joke, so anything we can do to lessen the risk of serious injury should be seriously considered.

A Closer Look At Onewheel Front Wheels

Now we know more about what Onewheel front wheels are and why you should consider using them, let’s take a closer look at some key points to keep in mind when making your decision.

Are Onewheel Front Wheels Easy To Install?

If you’re the type of person who likes to do things yourself, you’ll be happy to know that installing Onewheel front wheels is a quick and easy process. The entire installation should only take a few minutes, and you are usually provided with the entire assembly you need when you order your front wheels.

Will Using Onewheel Front Wheels Void My Warranty?

installing new accessories on onewheel pint

This is a common concern for many users, and honestly, if you have to ask the question, the answer is almost always yes. 

Future Motion, the makers of the Onewheel, have pretty strict warranty guidelines that riders should adhere to. Installing non-Future Motion accessories is usually a quick way to void your warranty, so it’s important to keep this in mind when making your decision.

Of course, if you purchased your Onewheel second-hand, are out of the 1-year warranty period, or simply don’t care about voiding your warranty, the good news is then this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Types Of Onewheel Front Wheels

There are two main types of Onewheel front wheels available for sale. Both have their own set of pros and cons that riders should consider before making a purchase, but both ultimately do the same job.

Bumper Wheels

Bumper wheels are the most popular type of Onewheel front wheels and are available from a few aftermarket retailers. Bumper wheels are small, discrete, and replace the stock bumper supplied with your Onewheel. These are by far the best and most popular options due to their easy installation and positive user experience.

Separate Wheels

This style of Onewheel front wheels usually bolts onto the nose of your board. You can purchase separate Onewheel front wheels, such as the Fang minis or Sonnywheels, if you would prefer not to replace the stock bumper. 

Although, some of these separate mounts can be a bit more obstructive than bumper wheels. Because of this, they are not as popular, but some riders do like the look of them.

DIY Onewheel Front Wheels

Finally, we have to mention DIY front wheels. Definitely not the standard choice; this option is for the truly adventurous riders out there. If you’re feeling brave and have a few spare parts lying around, you can always try to make your own Onewheel front wheels. 

However, we don’t recommend this method as it can be pretty dangerous, and there’s every chance you could damage your Onewheel board in the process.

The Best Onewheel Front Wheels

The Onewheel accessory aftermarket can be quite overwhelming, with so many different options to choose from. To save you some time and help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Onewheel front wheels currently available for the Onewheel GT, Pint, and Pint X models.

GT Onewheel Front Wheels

onewheel on crate

As the new GT model is one of the more recent Onewheel releases, the selection of aftermarket front wheels is still relatively limited. Land Surf, the community favorite for Onewheel front wheels, aka fangs, have noted that their GT fangs are currently in production. 

Until then, here are two other great options for GT riders:

GT3 Carbonshield Bumper For Onewheel GT

Price: $200 Purchase From: CarbonSmith

The first option on our list is the GT3 Carbonshield Bumper from CarbonSmith. This bumper’s ultra-slick design is made specifically for the GT model and offers complete bumper protection for your board. With the choice of carbon fiber or fiberglass construction, there are 8 fresh wheel color options, and each Carbonshield bumper is made to order.

The GT3 Carbonshield is pretty pricey, which makes sense, considering they are currently the only bumper with front wheels option for the GT. But, if you’re immediately looking for GT bumper Onewheel front wheels, and don’t mind spending a bit more, then this is a great choice.

Slider GT

Price: $159.95 Purchase From: Sonnywheels

The Slider GT from Sonnywheels is another option for GT riders. These Onewheel front wheels are individual-style wheels, as they are not connected to a bumper. Available in 7 colors, the Slider front wheels are custom-built from steel and are installed in less than 5 minutes. They are also the perfect Onewheel front wheels if you love a nosedrag.

The Slider GT Onewheel front wheels are pretty large, as they are 80 mm-wide wheels. They also stick out quite a bit from the nose of your board. So, if you’re looking for a more discreet option, these may not be for you. They do feel nice and secure and if you like the look of large Onewheel front wheels, then the Slider GT could be a good choice.

Pint and Pint X Onewheel Front Wheels

onewheel pint on a trail

The best thing about the Onewheel Pint and Pint X is the fact they are the same size. Even though the Pint X is much newer, the aftermarket for front wheels is already pretty decent. Both the above options for the GT are also available for the Pint and Pint X boards, so if you like the look of them, you’re in luck. 

Here are two additional options for Pint and Pint X riders:

Fangs V2 Bumper Wheels For Pint And Pint X

Price: From $94.95 Purchase From: Land Surf

The most-loved bumper wheels from Land Surf are now available for the Pint and Pint X models, and riders couldn’t be happier! These Onewheel front wheels offer excellent protection for your board and are available in a range of colors to match your style with complete front bumper replacement. 

There is also an optional upgrade called the ‘Coaster,’ which is a skid plate that adds an extra layer of cover for your Onewheel, and its rails.

The new Fangs V2 bumper wheels are simple to install and only take a few minutes. They are also very well made and feel solid when riding. So, if you’re looking for bumper-style Onewheel front wheels for your Pint or Pint X, the Fangs V2 is a brilliant option.

These are the best fangs that will allow you to navigate all sorts of rough pavement from hard-packed dirt to short grass as they provide a better sliding surface for all situations, protecting against the friction of the nose.

SabreTooth Jr.

Price: From $122.50 Purchase From: Tooth Products

Handcrafted in the USA, the SabreTooth Jr. Onewheel front wheels have a similar look to the previously mentioned Sonnywheels but with smaller wheels. One downside of the SabreTooth Jr. is the fact the wheels are closer together, which could cause balance problems for some riders.

Available with 2 wheel color options and all the fixtures needed for installation, these Onewheel front wheels will have you nosedragging in no time.

Final Thoughts On Onewheel Front Wheels

There are now a lot of great Onewheel front wheels to choose from, regardless of what model you ride. Whether you’re looking for nosedive protection, just want to add some style, or perfect your fang drags, there is definitely an option out there for you.

Just remember to do your research before purchasing, as not all Onewheel front wheels will be suitable for your riding style. You need to consider your terrain situation as using front wheels will impact your ride quality when used on hard-packed dirt vs. a concrete flat surface.

No matter what you decide, Onewheel front wheels are a prime example of how everyone’s riding experience is different and how the aftermarket for Onewheels is snowballing to meet the demands of riders. Have you installed any aftermarket Onewheel front wheels? Do you think they are worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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