Onewheel GT Dimensions

The new “king” of Future Motion Inc. has been proclaimed, and it goes by the name of Onewheel GT. The Onewheel GT model ousted the Onewheel XR model and quickly became the flagship model of the Onewheel family. 

This is the same as the Onewheel XR model wherein the dimensions of both models are 9.5” x 29.5”. 

The Tire Of The Onewheel GT

In this new Onewheel model, the tire size is 11.5” x 6.5-6.5” while the tire profile is round, allowing you a more comfortable ride. 

The Weight Of The Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT features larger batteries, which means added pounds and increased compartment size. Its overall weight is 35 lbs. The weight limit is 275 lbs. or 125 kg. 

The Range And Top Speed Of The Onewheel GT

Due to the updated cell capacity (from 18650 to 21700), an increase in range is noted by 30%. A single charge can allow you to ride up to 32 miles (52 kilometers) with a top speed of up to 20 mph.  

The Charge Limit Of The Onewheel GT

The highlight of the new Onewheel GT is the charge limit of 90%. It is now possible to set the board to charge at 90% of its battery capacity, which can help increase the battery life. However, this feature is not possible to fit into older models.     

The Price Of The Onewheel GT

You should expect a higher starting price with the Onewheel GT dimensions, tire, weight, range, top speed, motor, battery, and other features. Future Motion Inc. announced that the starting price of the basic board is set at $2,200.  

Many enthusiasts love the new battery and powertrain redesign. The upgraded controller and cells will surely give you and your board the much-needed boost to go farther and bolder. However, remember that your old accessories will not work with the Onewheel GT board.   

Before choosing, you have to consider the storage and ease of use. But, more importantly, do not forget that practice and safety are the keys to successful riding.

Onewheel GT Dimensions

That concludes our article on Onehweel dimensions but if you have any questions, comments or tips let me know in the comment section below.

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