Best Honest Onewheel GT Review: All The Features and Performance

onewheel gt riding on pavement

If you’ve been a fan of Onewheel for any amount of time, you’ll know how much of an
upgrade the Onewheel GT seems to be. With a sleek, winged design and the choice of two
stock wheels, it looks the part of a serious electric board. But does it live up to the hype?

While the added features, hulk-like exterior, extended range, and high speeds of the Onewheel GT
are all enticing, is it worth the investment? In this Onewheel GT review, we deep-dive into
the specs, features, and new Onewheel GT riding experience to help you make an informed

And yes, we will also discuss that well-known Onewheel GT ghosting issue – because we
know this is one of the most significant drawbacks for potential buyers.

Onewheel GT: An Overview

man with gt on dirt trail

Announced towards the end of 2021, the Onewheel GT appeared to be a totally redesigned flagship board from Future Motions. Powerful, fast, and with an excellent range, it was hailed
as one of the most impressive Onewheels on the market. But, when riders began receiving
their new GT models at the beginning of 2022, the reaction was mixed.

Many riders loved the Onewheel GT, whereas some faced issues that should never occur
with such an expensive piece of equipment. Before we look further into these problems and
give our Onewheel GT review – let’s have a look at the overview of this board.

Weight and Dimensions

The Onewheel GT is the heaviest board currently available. It weighs 35 lbs, which is a
significant difference compared to the Pint or Pint X. But when you take a closer look at the
Onewheel GT specs, the additional weight makes sense. Measuring 9.5 inches x 11.5
inches x 29 inches, the GT is a state of the art machine.

Price and Shipping

While Onewheel provides free shipping on all orders over $100 (USA lower 48 states only),
it’s important to remember that the Onewheel GT will set you back $2,200. That’s a
significant investment, putting this board firmly in the high-end price bracket.

While domestic customers are provided with free shipping, international Onewheelers are
out of luck. You can expect to pay around $260 for international shipping, plus any relevant
import and duty fees.

Range and Speed

The monster Onewheel GT has a max speed of 20mph and a range of 20-32 miles on a single charge. These
Onewheel GT specs make it the fastest and furthest-traveling Onewheel currently available.

The extended range miles of range and higher top speed give the GT an edge over the other boards, but is it enough
to justify the increased price tag?

Tech Specifications

riding a onewheel gt through a park

Sleek and futuristic looking, the Onewheel GT also has a few notable tech specs that are a
clear upgrade from previous models.

Here is an overview of the Onewheel GT tech specifications:

● Motor: 750W Hypercore hub
● Battery: NMC 21700 cell – 200-minute charging time, or 90 minutes with the
● Sensors: Solid state MEMS 6-DOF (6 degrees of freedom sensors)
GT Features
The Onewheel GT offers a range of features, some of which are only seen on this board

Concave Footpads

The concave front and rear footpads are one of the most notable additional features of the Onewheel GT.
These have been designed for increased grip and maximum comfort and are a vast improvement
compared to the flatter footpads, as seen on the other models.

Foot fatigue is real, especially when you float as much as we do! The concave footpads are
a welcome feature and save us from purchasing and installing them separately.


While not an exclusive feature, the Onewheel GT does come with pushback functionality.
This is the feature you’ll experience when your board reaches its speed limit, where the nose
of the board tilts slightly when it’s time to slow down. Other situations, like low battery levels,
can also prompt pushback.


As seen with the Pint and Pint X, it makes sense that the GT also has integrated Simplestop
Technology. Not only does Simplestop make it much easier to dismount, but it’s safer too. All
you need to do is lean back slightly, and your GT will start to slow down.

This feature is ideal for beginners, but it can also be helpful when you’re riding in crowded
areas and must be able to stop quickly. You can toggle Simplestop on and off in the
Onewheel app.

Extended Deck

The Onewheel GT offers a larger deck when compared to the Pint or Pint X. The deck has
been extended by an extra 2 inches, which gives you additional room for maneuvering and
carving. This deck size is reminiscent of the fan-favorite Onewheel XR – which is ideal for
riders that like to push the limits.


When purchasing a Onewheel GT, you have two tire options – slick or treaded. This new
concept for Onewheel allows riders to choose the tire that best suits their riding style and

The slick tire is are best for those who mostly do street riding or want a fast and smooth ride.
On the other hand, the treaded tire is are perfect for off-road riding and provide maximum
traction and stability. Both measure in at 11.5 inches x 6.5-6.5 inches, making it the largest
tire yet.

Maghandle Pro

The Onewheel GT comes with the Maghandle Pro attachment, a premium version of the
standard Maghandle. The premium Maghandle Pro is more robust, making it ideal for riders constantly
on the go.


riding a gt onewheel at night with lights on

Not only does the GT offer LED light bars, but it uses new high beams for increased visibility
when out for a night ride. No one wants to get caught out in the dark! Having lights on any board,
including a Onewheel, is often overlooked, but I feel like it’s a good thing – especially
considering the speed this board can travel.

Plus, the lightbars also signal which direction you change direction, so they serve a dual

Warranty and Repairs

If you own any Onewheel board, you’ll know just how firm the warranty terms are.
Onewheel only covers certain aspects of the board, and if you go ahead and make any
alterations (including some accessories), you risk voiding the warranty.

The warranty cover offered with the Onewheel GT is as follows:

● Onewheel GT: 1-year warranty (or 1243 miles, whichever comes first)
● GT footpad, tire, battery pack: 6-month warranty (or 622 miles, whichever comes
If you need to claim under warranty, Onewheel will provide one of three resolutions at their
● A refund for the amount paid – minus a reasonable amount for usage, which
Onewheel determines
● A replacement – either new or refurbished
● Repairs – provided as either telephone or email guidance (aka you fix the board with
their instruction) or you send to their service center free of charge
If your board is damaged or stops working but isn’t covered by the warranty, you’ll need to
pay for the repairs out of pocket. And as the only official service center is in California, the
round shipping will likely set you back a decent amount – considering how heavy the board

Please note this is the same process for any Onewheel board, not just the GT.

Onewheel GT App

The Onewheel app is by far the best way to get the most out of your Onewheel experience.

Not only does it allow you to customize the riding modes, but you can also check your
battery status, update the firmware and even track your stats. Not to mention, the digital
shaping feature allows you to truly customize your riding experience for your comfort level.

riding a onewheel gt on dirt trail with mobile app

Here are the Onewheel GT digital shaping modes:

● Bay: The safe option for beginners with a speed limit of 12mph
● Roam: Best for streets and weaving around obstacles on flat terrain with a speed
limit of 15 mph
● Flow: Great for smooth terrain when you just want to glide down the streets, with a
speed limit of 16 mph
● Highline: Perfect for offroading with a speed limit of 20 mph
● Elevated: This mode keeps the nose of your GT up, making it ideal for riding uphill
and doing tricks. The speed limit is 20 mph.
● Apex: Not for the faint-hearted! Super sensitive and best for trail riding, this mode
has a speed limit of 20mph.

It’s smart not to make any changes to your board until you have some miles under your belt,
as you could easily make a mistake. Once you’ve gained some confidence – the app is a
great way to take your Onewheel GT experience to the next level.

Onewheel GT VS Pint and Pint X

It’s clear Future Motion have tried to cover all the basics with its model range. From the Pint
to the Pint X and GT – there is something for everyone. When it comes to the GT, it is by far
the most advanced model currently for sale. But while it offers everything a rider could need the higher price tag may not be worth it for some.

Let’s take a look at the GT, Pint, and Pint X to see what the key differences are:

Onewheel GT
● Price: $2200
● GT Dimensions: 9.5in x 11.5in x 29in
● Total weight: 35 lbs
● GT range: 20-32 miles
● Maximum speed: 20 mph
● Charge time: 200 minutes or 90 minutes with Ultracharger
● Tire type: Stock slick vega or treaded
● Tire size: 11.5in x 6.5-6.5in

Onewheel Pint X
● Price: $1400
● Pint X Dimensions: 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in

● Total weight: 27 lbs
● Pint X range: 12-18 miles
● Maximum speed: 18 mph
● Charge time: 225 minutes or 110 with Ultracharger
● Tire type: Stock slick vega
● Tire size: 10.5in x 4.5-6in

Onewheel Pint
● Price: $1050
● Dimensions: 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in
● Total weight: 23 lbs
● Pint range: 6-8 miles
● Maximum speed: 16mph
● Charge time: 120 minutes or 50 minutes with Ultracharger
● Tire type: Stock slick vega
● Tire size: 10.5in x 4.5-6in

Overall, the GT is a fantastic board that ticks all the boxes in terms of performance and
features. If you have the budget for this machine, it will provide years of riding fun and

The Onewheel Pint X is an excellent middle-ground with pretty good performance and features for
those looking for something a little more budget-friendly. However, if you’re on a limited
budget, it may be worth looking at the Pint as your entry into Onewheel’s range – while
sacrificing some speed and capacity, it still offers a great ride.

As a Onewheel rider, I know it is hard to move away from the previous models – like the
original Onewheel or XR. The specs and performance provided by these older boards make
it difficult to embrace change. But, in terms of features, the new Onewheel model GT stands out above the Pint and
Pint X and is definitely worth considering if you want an upgrade.

There’s no doubt that the Onewheel GT offers a lot on paper – but what do we actually think
of this board?

Onewheel GT Issues

We can’t give a fair Onewheel GT review without mentioning the various issues some riders
have been facing. While it does seem to be the minority, a few riders have reported the
following cases:

● Motor stuttering during acceleration and deceleration
● Not turning on after previously working fine
● Board suddenly turning off while riding
● ‘Ghosting’ – where the board will move without rider input
● GT boards being ‘dead on arrival’

With any electronic device, there is always a chance of some issues. But when you’re
spending over $2000 for a board, you would expect it to be in perfect working order. Not only
this, but it can be hazardous if the board suddenly shuts off while you’re riding.

Nosedives are not an uncommon occurrence with Onewheels, and while we can do things
to reduce the risk, you cannot avoid manufacturing malfunctions.

riding a onewheel gt board on old railroad trail

One of the main problems riders complained of was ‘ghosting.’ This issue was apparently
down to the new concave footpads the GT uses. Onewheel has since issued a ‘voluntary
recall’ for all damaged boards. This recall states that around 20,000 units are affected, and
they will be offering free footpad replacements.

Kyle Doerksen, the CEO of Onewheel, has also released a statement addressing these
issues. He briefly discussed the issues and outlined some reasons as to why they
happened. Although, like many other riders, we can’t help but notice the lack of responsibility
taken by the company.

With this being said, there are now few reports of these GT errors, and it appears that most
of them have been resolved. Taking all this into account, we can now give an unbiased Onewheel GT review!

Onewheel GT: Is It Worth It?

While reading this Onewheel GT review, I am sure you have one burning question: Is the
Onewheel GT worth spending your hard-earned cash on?

The short answer is yes. The Onewheel GT is a high-end, feature-packed board that won’t
disappoint. With its powerful motor, attractive design, and long-range battery life, it is
definitely worth the investment for most people. While I do love the other boards – the
smaller size and lesser range of the Pint, in particular, can be a little lacking.

The GT can easily handle almost any terrain you can throw at it – from dirt trails to pavement.
It is also super comfortable thanks to the 11.5-inch tires, making it ideal for longer rides.
Plus, I love going offroad on my GT; the brushless motor really makes you feel like you are

Yes, there were clearly some issues with Onewheel GT boards at the start. But we must
note not every Onewheel GT suffers from these issues. With this in mind, Onewheel GT is
still a great board, and you should not let this put you off.

Onewheel GT Review: Charging The GT

Charging a GT Onewheel is simple. Using the included standard charger (or the Onewheel
Ultracharger), you can plug it in and charge your GT to total capacity in around 200 minutes.

While this is a pretty long time, it does make sense – considering the size of the battery. Of
course, you should rarely need to charge from 0-100%. I don’t usually let my Onewheel dip
below 40% before I charge it back up.

The prolonged charging time is definitely worth it for the extended range the GT offers. The
32-mile charge on a full charge is enough to float around the city or go on a trail adventure.

Riding A Onewheel GT On The Pavement

riding a onewheel gt on pavement

The Onewheel GT is an excellent board for shredding the pavement. With its 11.5-inch tires,
it’s capable of creating minimal friction between itself and the road. Furthermore, the
powerful motor is more than enough to take you up hills and give you plenty of speed.

As the tires of a GT have a rounded profile rather than a square, it can take some time to get
used to. I prefer riding on the pavement in the ‘roam’ or ‘flow’ app settings. These modes
help me feel like I have more control and stability when riding in public.

The GT is a great option for those who want to go for a quick ride around their neighborhood – but
offroad is where the GT shines for me.

Riding A Onewheel GT Offroad On Trails

A Onewheel GT is a powerful piece of kit. It is in a completely different league to the Pint,
and even the Pint X, when it comes to off-road riding. The GT has a larger tire, so it can
initially feel slightly unstable. You will also notice more bumps at speed than you would on a
Pint or Pint X.

But once I got used to the Onewheel GT offroad – I could easily take on more demanding
trails. With the extra torque 750w motor, you can really feel your Onewheel GT accelerate and handle
uneven terrain effortlessly.

While it is undoubtedly a learning experience, the GT’s peak performance is more than capable of tackling
rugged trails.

Onewheel GT Upgrades

Your Onewheel GT is typically good to go straight from the box. But plenty of upgrades are
available if you want a more experienced ride. When customizing your GT, you can opt for
the Onewheel branded accessories or third-party upgrades.

Here are some Onewheel GT upgrades you can add to your board:
GT Fangs: these can help to ride out any nosedives.
GT Fender: stops dirt and water from flicking up your wheel and onto your feet.
GT Float Plates: extra back bumper protection.
GT Bumpers: added durability for the underside of your board.
● GT FlightFins: for those who like to stunt or do tricks.

GT Rail Guards: protect and customize your board all at once.
I also always wear safety gear like my helmet and proper footwear when riding – a necessity
for Onewheel riding.

Pros and Cons Of The Onewheel GT

changing parts on a onewheel gt board

The GT is definitely the most advanced Onewheel board, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect.

Here are the pros and cons of owning a Onewheel GT.

● One of the furthest-ranging Onewheels.
● Powerful 750W brushless motor
● A decent size for tackling smooth and rough terrain
● Good battery life
● The best speed capabilities

● Very expensive
● Heavy – not ideal if you have to carry it around
● It can be a steep learning curve to ride

Onewheel GT Review: Final Verdict

If you want a stellar Onewheel experience, then the Onewheel GT is your board. It has
incredible range and power and enough speed to satisfy even the most experienced
Onewheeler. On top of all this, the GT is durable and reliable (in most cases!), and its dynamic performance makes it
great for tackling most terrain. To find out more about Onewheel boards, check out our complete guide.

As there are a few board models to choose from, be sure to keep all the points outlined in
this Onewheel GT review in mind before purchasing. But if you’re ready to dive head-first
into floating – the GT is your best bet. So, will you be the next proud owner of a Onewheel
GT? Let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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