The 5 Best Onewheel Knockoffs

Onewheels can be expensive but now there are onewheel knockoffs that allow riders with a smaller budget get on a Onewheel board. Our researched found the 5 best Onewheel knockoffs and we discuss the pros and cons.

The best onewheel knockoffs are the Magwheel trotter, the Unicool Dan Dan D3, the Surfwheel, Viro Freestyle, and the SkootRider. These all have similar looks, sizes, speeds and ranges to the original Onewheel but some aren’t worth buying.

Onewheel Knockoffs To The Original Onewheel Boards

Onewheels from Future Motion Inc. are a phenomenal toy for some people and a commuting device for others. The original Onewheel by Future Motion is still at the top of the pack and everything from their construction to their method of operation is unique and top-notch. However, all their advancements and great features come at a cost and the price of the Onewheel often puts a Onewheel out of most people’s range.

Onewheels balance system is constructed meticulously, and this is one of the reasons why Future Motions Onewheels are more expensive than other electric devices like hoverboards. 

It’s the high price that becomes the issue and it’s why many people start looking for Onewheel knockoffs and knockoff products that they can afford. After all, what’s the point of a cool device like the Onewheel if it’s thousands of dollars more than you can spend and you can’t ride one. But are there any that are cheaper that have a fighting chance compared to the original Onewheel boards?

Onewheel Knockoffs Price

For several reasons, like affordability, some people opt for a knockoff OneWheel. These are alternative machines to Future Motions Onewheel board which look the same, function the same, and can provide the rider a near similar experience.

However, as of 2022, there is no actual comparison between the top-of-the-line Future Motion Onewheel and most Onewheel knockoffs, however, some Onewheel knockoffs are getting really close and should be considered if the price is an issue for you or if you don’t need all the features that come on Onewheel top model.

MagWheel Trotter: Is It The Best?

Arguably the best Onewheel knockoffs is the Magwheel Trotter which comes in 4 models. Starting at around $500.00. The Trotter is manufactured in China by a company called CHANGZHOU SMILO MOTORS CO.,LTD, and is available for purchase under the brand name MagWheel Trotter on some marketplace sites like Alibaba.

The trotter costs anywhere from $450 -$550 all the way up to $1500.00 for the top model the Trotter T3. The Trotter T1 model is half the price of a OneWheel Pint. A OneWheel Pint costs about $1050 as of 2022. The current Trotter T1 has a maximum speed of about 13mph. 

The Magwheel Trotter does have some shortcomings as expected since it is only a knockoff but there are now 4 versions and the Mag Trotter T3 is rated as one of the best onewheel knockoffs available.

One of the cons of a Trotter is its weight. It weighs about 4 pounds more than a Onewheel +XR (27 Lbs) which makes it difficult to carry about. However, that weight is partly due to a bigger battery which often results in more speed and more range.

Here is a brief comparison between a trotter and Onewheels;

Trotter T1Onewheel PintOnewheel XR+
Cost$450 -$600$950 – $1000$1600 -$1800
Weight31 Lbs23 Lbs27 Lbs
Speed13 mph16mph19 mph
Battery capacity211 WH148 Wh324 Wh
Range15 miles

With the exception of the Trotter T3, due to the reduced torque, trotters are not as fast as normal Onewheel boards. The maximum speed the T1 can cover is about 13 mph compared to the Onewheel Pint which will do 16 miles per hour.

Some more experienced and adventurous riders will most likely not enjoy using the Trotter T1 board but the board is often great for beginner and less experienced riders. 

Also, the cheaper version Trotters do not have a gyroscope, and this makes mounting them quite difficult so this is something to consider when choosing a Onewheel.

With the introduction of the newer models, specifically the Trotter T3, you now have the option of a gyroscope on a Trotter, but that comes at a price.

What is a gyroscope? A gyroscope is an important feature found on Future Motions Onewheel boards. The gyroscope measures the orientation and shows the rate of angle change of the machine. This helps in the maintenance of the Onewheel.

The absence of a gyroscope makes it difficult for the board to adjust to the ride. This will affect the ride and the user experience in general.

The trotter has some other differentiating features from an original Onewheel, like rubber pads for gripping the feet, which is great for balance, a more rounded stock tire which some riders prefer, and a beeping sound that goes off when there is a malfunctioning in any part of the board. Things can be pros or cons depending on who you ask.

As of now, the Trotter does not have an app that can be used to monitor the condition of the machine. 

Riders often complain about the material used for constructing the board being cheap and not being as durable as the Onewheel board which I’m not surprised since you get what you pay for and the trotter is almost half the price.

A common complaint was the short battery life of the Trotter, however, it seems the Magwheel company is really starting to use better batteries and this has greatly improved range and ride times too often better than their competition.

When fully charged, a OneWheel Pint can go up to 6-8 miles, while a Onewheel +XR can go up to up to 19 miles. At one time the Trotter T1 was said to go to 5-7 miles per charge but the company as of 2022 now claims a range of 11 to 15 miles.

For about the same price as A Onewheel Pint, the Trotter T2 now has a range of 21 to 25 miles which is 3 times farther. But, with a bigger battery, you have more weight, and the Trotter T2 is 32 pounds which is 9 pounds heavier than the Onewheel Pint which weighs 23 pounds.

With all Onewheels, the range and ride time you get out of a full battery will depend on the type of terrain, the inclines, and the weight of the rider. Even wind can play a role in the range you get. 

That said, it is still possible to have a comfortable ride with the trotter, especially with constant practice. A rider who uses the original onewheel board might just find it a bit difficult to adjust to the trotter due to the differences.

That said, it is still possible to have a comfortable ride with the trotter, especially with constant practice. A rider who uses the original onewheel board might just find it a bit difficult to adjust to the trotter due to the differences.

Other knockoffs that have some level of popularity in the hoverboard market are;

Surfwheel Electric Skateboard

A Surfwheel electric skateboard is considered one of the best Onewheel knockoffs available if you are looking for a budget Onewheel or a onewheel board for young riders or new riders.

The Surfwheel has three models which include; 

  • The Surfwheel SU which costs around $449,
  • The Surfwheel HX which costs $449,
  • The Surfwheel TR which costs $329. 

These Surfwheels are pretty basic and they are much cheaper than OneWheels and even the Trotters.

With smaller wheels, the Surfwheel boards are lower to the ground which means they are best used on paved and flat surfaces. These are not the style of Onewheel if you want to ride off-road.

In my opinion, advanced riders will not be happy on the Surfwheel but kids and new riders will have a lot of fun with this Onewheel knockoff.

The Surfwheel has an app for multiple settings and it has plenty of LED lights for a cool and fun look. Check it out HERE.

Here is a table comparing some of the major differences between the Surfwheel and the Onewheels.

Surfwheel HXOnewheel
Wheel sizeThe smaller wheel size makes the board closer to the ground.Bigger wheel size makes the board high and good on all terrain.
CostBelow $500Between $1000 and $2000
Top speed12 mph 16 mph (Pint x)19 mph (XR)
Range10 Miles6 -8 miles

Cons are that Onewheels are more versatile than Surfwheels because they let you ride around in almost all terrains due to their big wheels. Onewheels also have a gyroscope that helps you balance especially at faster speeds which means Surfwheel riders will need to be cognizant of their weight distribution.

Pros for the Surfwheel are that it is by far the best price and it is the one most riders can afford. This means more people on Onewheel boards 

Unicool D2/ DanDan.

The Unicool is similar to the Trotter. The design of the Unicool is sleeker, with a metal frame and black grip tape. The overall look is similar to the Onewheel with the larger tire but it still looks very basic compared to Onewheel and the Trotter T3.

The metal frame makes the Unicool D2 more durable which is a good thing since this board will work well on flat surfaces and on off-road trails. 

The Unicool has a gyroscope included which is impressive since the board retails at $500.00, This Gyroscope improves its balance system while riding which might make this the best choice for a Onewheel Knockoffs under $500.00.

With a top speed of 14mph and a range of 10 miles, this is a pretty good alternative.

Here is a table showing the major differences between a Onewheel and a Unicool D2.

Onewheel Unicool D2
Cost$1000 – $2000$500
Weight23 – 27 lbs27 lbs
Speed16 – 19 mph14 mph
Battery sizePint – 148 WhXR – 324 Wh211 Wh
Range6 – 8 miles for the Pint10 Miles

Viro Freestyle:

Although the Viro Freestyle has two wheels, it is mostly classified as a Onewheel since the two wheels are closely placed. The Viro has a lower performance when compared with a Onewheel but it is a great option for beginners and children. 

The interesting thing about a Viro is its operation. The Viro uses the hoverboard technology and converts it into a Onewheel form factor. 

Viro Freestyle is sold at a much lower price of $329. It has a top speed of 7 mph and can cover distances with a 6.5 mile range.  


The SkootRider is an all-terrain accessible board with a top speed of 15 mph and can cover a distance of 15 miles. SkootRider has a smaller single wheel, hence, a reduced torque and speed when compared with OneWheels. It has rubber footpads and a self-balancing technology that improves the rider’s balance while riding.

SkootRider has a water-resistant model which lets you ride on wet terrains. SkootRider has a higher quality than other knockoffs, hence its high price of $1195. 

Still not sure which Onewheel is the best for you. Check out our article which rates the one: Best Onewheel Knockoff.

Onewheel Knockoffs Q&A

Onewheel has been able to build a loyal fan base which has created such high demand for the Onewheel product. The Onewheel community loves using their electric boards everywhere from public roads to trails to off-road adventures. Fair competition is allowing other companies to get their market share in this competitive industry.

Even with reports of serious injuries, the Onewheel rider is looking for the best products available to be able to enjoy. Not only are knockoff Onewheel boards appearing on the market but so has the Onewheel accessory market like protective gear and footpads.

A couple of other things to determine when considering purchasing a knockoff is the customer service of the company, advanced features, a replacement parts for a board. Look into the companies and their policies so you know how much support they provide.

The choices above are great options for people looking to get on an electric skateboard that are not low quality and don’t come with a huge price tag.

Have you ever ridden a OneWheel knockoff before? If yes, we would love to know the model and what you think about your board.

Got a question, comment, or advice about OneWheel knockoffs, let us and the readers know in the comments section below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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