What Is A Onewheel Board?

What Is A OneWheel Board?

Initially brought to us by Kyle Doerksen, the founder of Future Motion, the OneWheel board started as nothing more than a campaign on Kickstarter in 2014. After surpassing Doerksen’s original goal and raising $630,000 in total, the first OneWheel board was born and introduced to the market soon after.

While the majority of onewheel boards on the market come from the original company Future Motion, we have now seen other brands offering a onewheel board with varying features and price points.

Now, what is a onewheel board? Often compared to the likes of snowboards or surfboards, due to the fact you stand on them in a similar way, onewheel boards are a single-wheeled electric balance board. It is controlled through the use of your body weight, shifting your balance to move the board.

Also known as an ‘electric skateboard’, ‘monowheel’ or ‘personal transporter’, this unique form of transportation is a great alternative if you’re looking for something a little different. 

How Does A OneWheel Work?

So now you know the answer to ‘what is a onewheel board’, you may now be wondering how it works. More than just a board with a huge wheel attached to the middle, the onewheel is a brilliant piece of tech.

The following information mainly refers to the onewheel boards provided by Future Motion rather than the off-brand alternatives, although there may be some similarities.

The single wheel on a onewheel board is more than just the means to move, this wheel houses the electric motor. The direct-drive hub motor is built in a way that means it is suitable for most terrains.

The motor is what propels the board forwards or backwards, depending on what the rider needs. It works seamlessly with the accelerometers and gyroscopes which measure the rotation of the board, which is what also triggers the built in self balance technology.

Your feet are positioned on either side of the wheel, one in front and one behind. There are motion sensors under both footpads, measuring how much pressure is applied, this works in conjunction with the motor to move and stop.

These sensors feed information to the onboard processor, which per second makes around 14,000 calculations, ensuring the smooth running of your onewheel board.

These boards can go pretty fast, some up to 20 mph. There is a built-in safety feature called ‘Pushback’, where the front of the board will raise slightly, which is a way for the board to warn you to move your weight to the back of the board. 

The pushback feature is activated in a few ways, such as when the battery is low or you are going too fast.

OneWheels are powered by a large rechargeable lithium battery, the voltage for which is dependent on the model of your onewheel board. There is also an app that you can download where you can customize the settings of your board and even check the battery level.

What Is A OneWheel Board Used For?

The answer to this question really does come down to what the rider wants from their experience.

The great thing about onewheel boards is that they can be used for a variety of activities such as cruising around town, going on outdoor adventures, or even just using it to commute to work.

Whatever it is that you wish to do with your board, be it for leisure or just to get around on, always ensure you follow safe practices and check you can ride it in a public space.

Who Can Ride A OneWheel Board?

Following the question of ‘what is a onewheel board’, you’re likely wondering who can ride such a thing.

Almost anyone can ride a onewheel board, so long as they put the practice in and are willing to learn.

There is a minimum age limit as specified by the manufacturers of 14 years old, so bear this in mind if wishing to purchase for a younger person. 

The reason for this is mainly because onewheel boards do require a minimum weight of around 65lbs, this is to ensure the sensors are activated correctly so the board can move.

Be sure to also check the maximum weight limit for your chosen board, as this can be something that will compromise the ability of your onewheel if not adhered to.

Final Thoughts: What Is A OneWheel Board?

Onewheel boards are a unique way to get around and you can have a lot of fun while doing so. With the right practice, almost anyone can ride one of these boards and have a great time doing so.

If you have a onewheel or are wishing to purchase one, always ensure you wear safety equipment and the right type of shoes. It can be easy to get lost in the enjoyment of riding a onewheel board, so be sure to stay safe while doing so.

So, what is a onewheel board? Hopefully, you now have a clear answer to that question, along with a surplus of information about these interesting transportation devices. Have you ever tried riding a onewheel board? What did you think of it? Please let us know in the comments below!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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