What Is A Onewheel Scooter?

What Is a Onewheel Scooter?

It’s not uncommon for someone to use the term onewheel scooter and wonder what is a Onewheel Scooter? The problem is that even when you Google search the term Onewheel scooter, you will see 3 very different types of Onewheel scooters, so which one is it?

A onewheel scooter is a self-balancing single electric boardsport wheel that a passenger stands on and controls using sensors on the foot pads. Some people think of the original Onewheel made by Future Motion, while others think Onewheel electric Unicycle, and then there is the Onewheel seated scooter.

Let’s find out which one is a real electric onewheel scooter.

What is a Onewheel Scooter? The Three Types

For years, these onewheel scooters which are a single board-sport wheel has been referred to in various other titles like monocycle, monowheel, electric skateboard, electric unicycle, personal transporter, self-balancing scooter, or just the Onewheel, and the most marketed term at the moment is the onewheel electric scooter.

Onewheel electric scooter refers to a onewheel powered through electric energy, purposefully made as a form of a personal transportation system or a leisure vehicle used for fun or sport.

The Onewheel By Future Motion

The Onewheel made by Future Motion is sometimes referred to as an electric onewheel scooter. This style of electric scooter is being purchased mostly by millennials and generation Z and it has gained popularity in various ages because it combines the features of a skateboard and a motorized unicycle.

Some interchangeably refer to it as “onewheel board” and the company that makes it refers to it as “the best electric skateboard”.

As contemplated in the urban areas, the onewheel electric scooter is a change of outlook on urban transportation and unlike a regular skateboard, a Onewheel can be used on off-road trails or on the streets. Many locals treat it as a product with increased green mobility and high portability compared to other personal vehicles.

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So is the Onewheel by Future Motion the real onewheel scooter? I would say no simply because even the manufacturer call it an electric skateboard.

The Onewheel Scooter Also Known As The Electric Unicycle

The next type of Onewheel scooter is also a self-balancing single-wheeled device known as the Electric Unicycle, Onewheel, Monowheel, Monocycle, or a EUC (electric uni cycle).

Although some call it a Unicycle, when you type in “onewheel scooter” into Google or Amazon what comes up first and foremost is the electric Unicycle. So does that make the Electric Unicycle a real onewheel scooter? The answer would be MAYBE. The reason is that when you visit the official websites for most of these vehicles the manufacturers don’t call them onewheel scooters, they are usually called electric unicycles or e-unicycles.

However, there are some that are calling them electric onewheel scooters, or monowheel electric scooters, or big wheel electric scooters, so maybe these are the real onewheel electric scooters.

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INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle

INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle

  • Motor: 550W
  • IP55 Weather Resistant
  • Battery Capacity: 320Wh
  • Weight: 26.2lbs
  • Dual atmosphere lamp
  • Wheel size: 14
  • Anti-spin button
InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle 16 Inch Wheel

InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle 16-Inch Wheel

  • 1000 watt motor
  • Battery:518Wh
  • 34 to 37km range
  • max speed – 21.8 mph
  • weight: 32lbs
  • wheel size 16
INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle

INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle

  • Motor: 2200W;
  • 3.35inch Air Suspension;
  • Dual Chargers;
  • 18” * 3” Wheel
  • 1500Wh Battery;
  • IP55 Weather-resistant;
  • 265 lbs Max weight;

The Real Onewheel Scooter

Kiwano K01+ One-Wheel Electric Scooter

We have finally narrowed it down to what is known to all and to the companies that make them as a reel onewheel scooter. Well, so they say!

The problem is that there are a few that call themselves a onewheel scooter. Let’s take a look.

This Kiwano K01+ One-Wheel Electric Scooter does 12 MPH with a max Speed of 13 Mile Range and has a Carbon Fiber Frame.

Compared to the above vehicles, this onewheel scooter seems more like a toy for kids and teens than a commuter vehicle like its big brothers above.

Breath of Fresh Air On Onewheel Electric Scooter

In an ever-changing world, vehicles like this are preferred by other people because of their inherent economic, environmental, and technological benefits.

Zero-carbon footprints are produced since an electric motor mainly drives them. Also, its distributional effect on various areas of life is treated as a cost-effectivity advantage.

Application of Onewheel Electric Scooter

In practice, this electric scooter can be utilized in different daily routines.


In supporting decreasing carbon emission and air-land pollution, people look for an alternative form of transportation.

The onewheel scooter became popular because it addresses environmental concerns and spares people from stressful public commutes. They are also highly portable, which means they can be folded, carried by hand, and stored in a locker.


In the context of leisure, off-roading generally means recreational driving or riding a personal transporter to acquire fun and relaxation.

People call this application of electric scooter “onewheeling.”

Under onewheeling, performing recreational driving is most effective on the streets, boulevards, thoroughfares, scooter lanes, crossroad intersections, drawbridges, common junctions, and highways in populated cities. Provided these areas have designated safe spaces for scooters.

Onewheeling is also applicable on natural terrains. Onewheel scooters are responsive, customizable, and allow excellent maneuverability. It is perfectly functional even in uneven terrains like rocky and jagged valley grounds.


As mentioned earlier, a onewheel scooter is a form of board sports like skateboarding and skiing. It is deemed perfect in the sporting profession.

Multiple organizations use this area to promote the rising appeal to youth. Many advertisers communicate with the onewheel scooter community to occasionally celebrate the sport.

To master the craft of a onewheel electric scooter requires practice, patience, and skills. Like any other boardsports, it is extremely intricate and methodical. Learning its parts and components is vital to facilitate certain techniques in riding the one-wheeled board perfectly.

Components of Onewheel Electric Scooter

Electric Motor

An electric motor is where gyroscopes and accelerometers are located. These parts are responsible for detecting shifts in pressure and weight on the wheel and both sides of the board.


These pads are the sensor cues to detect when riders are on board. The sensory can be done by putting pressure on the sensitive places.

It is also in this part where riders can stop the scooter using heels off the side of the front footpad. Unless a power display button is available in the model, in which case, operate those buttons and tap in with the pads.


Some models relatively include a storage pocket, car seat, LED lamp, and alley frame. In addition, some attach digital properties like Simplestop and Pushback features.

What Is A Onewheel Scooter Q&A

With the increasing demand for onewheel scooters, it is undoubted that this transportation, sports-recreational product will continue to affect people’s day-to-day lives.

As a result, a culture will, later on, be formed, and it begins by asking what a onewheel electric scooter is.

If you have a question, comment, or some advice related to What Is A Onewheel Scooter, let us and fellow readers know in the comments below.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe,

Graham and The Board Sports Team

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